Weekend Recap: Running in Color and Fading out Cancer

This past weekend. Color was everywhere!

What is Run With Color?

Run WitCorreConColorh Color was a symbol of celebration and hope. It celebrated the lives of those who have passed, those who continue to struggle, and the families that have stayed by their sides. It’s a symbol of hope that someday there will be a cure and that every child will be able to live a cancer-free life.

The whole thing was 5 kilometers from start to finish. Some of us at Designer Studio walked, run, danced, or whatever they felt like doing for 5 kilometers! They started out with a plain white shirt, but were absolutely covered in colorful and unique patterns by the end! Colors were tossed at friends, people ran through colored clouds, or colors were thrown anywhere just to turn everything dull into something vibrant and beautiful. Don’t worry, the colored powder was non-toxic and was made of a blend of cornstarch and food coloring.

What is The Castro-Limón Foundation?

juego en ludotecaAbrazoDSCF2069

The Foundation is based out of Tijuana, Mexico and is named after two young entrepreneurs, Juan Carlos Castro Munguia and Irenaeus LimónVargas, who were both diagnosed with cancer in 2002. They became determined to provide services for those who were also dealing with cancer. The result of their efforts is that children battling cancer receive care at BC Pediatric Cancer Center (Centro Oncológico Pediátrico de B.C.). The foundation continuously raises funds both within and outside of Mexico to keep the institution moving and to provide necessary treatment for their patients.

Designer Studio has been involved with The Castro-Limón Foundation for over a year now. We continuously help the raise money, we donate, and we raise awareness. When you shop with us help us help The Castro-Limón Foundation. A little goes a long way!

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