Vertical Stripes

Vertical-Stripes--Cardigan-Stripes are a classic trend that never really goes out of style – especially vertical stripes. Added bonus? They’re slimming because they give the illusion that you look thinner than you are, and that’s always a plus in our book. But, what’s the best way to wear them and how do you create a stylish outfit using vertical stripes?

Not to worry! We’ve found a few ways you can wear vertical stripes no matter you’re size or style.

Boldly: We’re not talking thin pinstripes here. The new take on vertical stripes is wide with a mix of contrasting colors. Whether you have a large or small frame, you can pull off this look by pairing a solid shirt and flats or heels with slacks patterned with these ultra-thick vertical stripes.

Body slimming hint: Because the stripes are wide, you can hide larger hips by wearing a jacket or blazer over the shirt that falls mid-hip.

Balancing Act: Yes, wide vertical stripes can conjure up images of the circus, but that’s not the balancing act we’re talking about. Keep your fashion balance with this bold pattern by wearing something less conspicuous, like a shirt with thin vertical stripes paired with a solid colored skirt.

Body slimming hint: Give the illusion of a slim silhouette by wearing the same color tights and shoes (think navy blue skirt, tights, and ankle boots).

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