UGG Australia New Fall 2010 Collection Now At Designer Studio

New and as always fabulous shoes and boots from Ugg Australia Fall 2010 collection now available at Designer Studio. Ugg shoes for women proven to be the best choice if you want to have comfortable and fashion footwear. This fall Ugg Australia brings us updated Bailey Button boots with triple button – Ugg Bailey Button Triplet in variety of colors. If you like something unique you will defiantly love new Ugg Retro Cargo with. These Sheepskin tall boots with side pocket can be very functional if you want to go for a walk without bringing you purse:)

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9 thoughts on “UGG Australia New Fall 2010 Collection Now At Designer Studio

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  5. Lorenzo

    UGG is for sure a crowd pleaser:!! so guys do not think too much, when you want to give a gift to your wife or girlfriend go that direction, don’t leave home without her size and buy her a pair of Boots.
    you’ll see the result instantly the big smile on her face , and then she’ll start UGGING YOU UGGING YOU HUGGING YOU !!!!

  6. Vera

    ha ha) ugging, hugging…))) ugg boos are super comfortable, i wish i could wear them to office….unfortunately limited by dress code, but out of office there is no place where my classis short boots wont work. love them with all my heart! warmest huggs to uggs!!!

  7. Vera

    I saw this new boots from UGG Australia – super cute. They have kinda perforated top and almost no heel. I think they called Ugg Abeline. Will Designer Studio have them? Cream color is absolutely fabulous!!!

  8. admin Post author

    He Vera! Yes, we will have Ugg Abeline boots in stock soon! We will have them in cream and other colors as well. BTW, great taste – I also think these boots are absolutely gorgeous!

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