The Feel of Cotton

Cotton is breathable, comfortable, and easy to care for

Cotton’s a great fabric choice any time of year, but as the warmer months approach, cotton’s breathability becomes even more of an asset. If you’ve ever been caught out in the summer sun in a sweltering synthetic dress, you know the value of a fabric that moves, breathes, and wicks away moisture. Breezy cotton garments can keep you cool in the summer heat and may even offer protection from the sun’s rays. As the summer days turn to fall, those same magical cooling pieces can help trap body heat and keep you warm. What other fabric can do that? Cotton’s ability to take a beating and keep looking great also means that the money you invest in cotton garments will be well spent. Whether you choose crisp button-downs and skirts or soft tees and tanks, your cotton garments will look great with a minimum of ironing.

Cotton’s a perennial favorite for wardrobe staples like blouses, button-down shirt, tees, and skirts. This season, look for brightly colored cotton dresses, tunics, and other fun fashion finds.


Soft cotton dresses are the way to look great while beating the heat

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