Summer Head Gear Fashion Trends

Summer is soon approaching and it is time to keep the winter scarves and woolens away and shop for the latest in summer trends to make you look cool, trendy and chic through the new season. This summer calls for attention with designer head wear from A Kurtz, True Religion, Red Monkey, Hugo Boss and Affliction.



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44 thoughts on “Summer Head Gear Fashion Trends

  1. Lorenzo

    Good… the Ed Hardy era is over (like Von Dutch no brand integrity)!!! . I like the new kids on the block Affliction consistent in the U.F.C arena and bringing new models constantly. A Kurtz the wolkswagen of the hat or better said wolkshat.
    Red Monkey represent the nonchalant look of Los Angeles with a logo that shows creativity (Brad Pitt or Borat would love it)???!!

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