No Laces Required

Work, school, kids, family, football practice, homework, soccer, dance lessons, going out, extracurricular activities—your schedule is pretty packed, isn’t it? With fall in full swing, so is your schedule! By this time, you are looking for any shortcut to work or time-saving tip you can find. Well, you are in luck! There is one thing you do every day you can save time on—putting on your shoes!

Did you know you can save 1 minute a day, 7 minutes a week, more than 6 hours a YEAR by wearing shoes you don’t have to buckle, zip, or tie? Wearing slip on shoes is a time saving and comfortable way to get a jump on your fall schedule.

UGG® Slip Ons with Fur

Fur keeps your feet warm during the summer to fall weather changes. That’s why we like to save time and keep warm with UGG®. This style, made out of real sheepskin, suede, and fur is breathable and easy to wear.

TOMS Shoes Classic Glitter Slip On

Who says slip ons need to be boring? TOMS puts plenty of pizzazz into this funky glitter silver slip on. Put ‘em on and use all of that time savings to go dancing!

Lacoste Women Arixia PSS Sneaker

When you can’t slip, use a Velcro strip! Lacoste delivers sporty style with these leather uppers that feature two Velcro strap closures that let you slip ‘em on and go! Textile lining, a well-cushioned insole, and outsole traction makes these your go-to shoes when you are on the go.

TOMS Shoes Wedge—Red Savannah

Who says slip ons are just for play? Pair TOMS Red Savannah with your favorite dress and be comfortable and office-ready!

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