New Year, New YOU! 3 Ways to Shake Up Your Look

A new year is upon us and offers a perfect chance to try something new.  Pull out that ever-growing list of resolutions and add one more thing – a wardrobe makeover!  Your clothing and style says a lot about you and if you’ve been wearing the same old thing for years, it’s time for a change.

Kick off 2013 in style with new clothes and accessories that follow today’s trends.  Maybe you’re stuck in jeans and t-shirt mode and want to try something more sexy and sophisticated.  Or, you might be tired of always glamming it up and want to just be casual from time to time.  Whatever you decide to do, we’re here to help guide you to the style you want this year.


Take it to the Edge!

Ditch the “girl-next-door” look and add an edgy style to your wardrobe with touches of studded leather, dark colors, and vampy boots.  Steampunk is also “in” this year, utilizing buckles, grommets, corsets and early 19th century industrial style accessories that border on the edge of Goth.



Tone it down!

Less is more when it comes to casual fashion.  Glam can be fun with all the sparkle, bling, and bright colors but sometimes you just want to take a break from all of that and chill. The first thing you’ll want is a comfortable pair of jeans.  Slip into a pair of straight leg or boot cut jeans in a dark or classic wash, add a comfy graphic tee, and a pair of lace-free canvas shoes for a comfortable, toned-down look.



Turn it up!

You’ve been a wallflower way too long, so it’s time to turn things up!  Add fun accessories, bright colors, interesting patterns and sparkly jewelry to brighten up every room you walk into.  Make heads turn when you wear the latest trends like vintage Victorian jewelry, clothing with colorful stripes or black and white geometric patterns, or fun footwear with lots of faux fur.  No one will ever leave you in a corner!

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