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Everyone celebrates winter holidays in some form or fashion, from the United States to Africa, and from Europe and everywhere in between.  Traditions are what bind us together as families, friends, and cultures, and with that also comes new fashion trends and new twists on old favorites. So, wherever you plan to spend the holidays this year, you can be prepared with all of the right clothes and accessories with our guide to global holiday fashion.

United States:

Americans celebrate the winter holidays with lots of festivities, exciting parties, and plenty of decorations – from red and green garland, to Christmas trees adorned with shiny, colorful ornaments, silver and gold tinsel, and stockings hung by the fireplace.   This is the season for cozy sweaters, comfy boots, and warm accessories like hats, scarves, and gloves.  Before you show up to your first holiday gathering or New Year’s Eve party, you’ll want to make sure your outfit looks great and shows off your fashionable side.  No wearing fuzzy sweaters with giant snowmen here!

What to wear: Dark wash denim skinny jeans tucked into comfortable sheepskin boots, a warm pullover sweater in festive colors and a funky print, and a cozy jacket to protect you from the elements. Finish the look with sliver toned accessories, a colorful scarf and matching hat and gloves.


In the country of Africa, Christmas traditions still hold true for many of the cities and settlements there because they were founded or influenced by Europeans who celebrated the holiday.  Because the holidays fall in mid-summer for them, they enjoy festivities outside, sometimes on the beach, while they gather around a decorated banana or coconut tree.  Tribes perform festive dances around big bonfires, and little ones hang stockings or leave shoes out for St. Nick to fill. Whether you’re showing your love of African culture, or getting in touch with your African roots, you can add a tribal look to your holiday outfit in no time.

What to wear:  A colorful sweater in a tribal pattern of holiday colors of red, green, and gold pairs well with a camel colored mini-skirt and leggings.  Add a pair of UGG® Australia studded leather boots in brownstone, and accessorize your look with several beaded bracelets with various colors and tassels.  You’ll achieve a festive look while staying true to your tribal roots. 


Whether it’s England, France, Italy, Germany, or another European country, the traditions are mostly centered on church and family, caroling, and home-made gifts. Yule logs are also widely used, where family members sit on it wishing for good luck in the coming year before burning it in the fireplace where stockings are usually hung.  Simplicity is the main theme among Europeans who celebrate the holidays.  This is a perfect trend to follow if you’re more of a wallflower and less of a glamour girl when you’re heading out for family gatherings and holiday parties.

What to wearKeep things simple and classic in dark denim jeans, a button-down long sleeved shirt under a comfy sweater, a basic skirt, or the “little black dress”.  Accessorize with a few touches of silver jewelry like small studs or drop earrings, a silver chain unadorned or with a small charm, and a few silver bracelets around your wrist. Add a black clutch and black wedge heels to complete this simple, yet classic look.



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