Flip-Flop Fashion

Flip-flops aren’t just for the beach this summer

If hearing “flip-flops” makes you think of those crayon-colored foam thongs your mom made you wear to the pool and the beach, this season’s hottest footwear trend will make you think again. This year the flip-flop comes into its own with styles that are appropriate for any occasion. These fun, versitile pieces of footwear are still your feet’s best companions at the beach. But they’re equally at home at more formal occasions when worn with one of the season’s maxi skirts or swingy sundresses. Dress up a pair of jeans and a tank with a great pair of Lacoste flip-flops in navy or add a classic touch to a peasant dress with simple leather flip-flops from Report.

This trend isn’t just for women, either. Men can choose from an array of fashionable flip-flops, from the classic bright-colored, rubber-soled “thong” by Lacoste to classy, understated leather models. Kids can get in on this style, too, with pint-sized flip-flops that look just like Mom and Dad’s.

The key to rocking the flip-flop trend lies in choosing the right flip for the right occasion. Choose flip-flops with leather, beaded, or metallic straps to pair with dresses or skirts for evening events, weddings, or more formal gatherings. Never pair your ratty neon pink plastic beach sandals with a cocktail dress for a work function or church gathering! Put as much thought into your choice of flip-flop as you do into the rest of your outfit. And don’t forget – flip-flops mean that your toes and feet are exposed to public view (no matter how long that boho skirt is). Take extra time to give your feet some tender loving care this season by sloughing off calluses, keeping nails neatly trimmed and painted, and otherwise keeping your tootsies looking their best.


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