End of the World? Let’s Party!

Did you hear the world is supposed to end 12/12?  We’re not too sure about that prediction, but we’re positive we can predict fun at all of the holiday parties!  We’ve taken a look at the fall/winter 2012 fashion trends and came up with a list of looks you can choose from to celebrate the end of the world as we know it.



Gilded Gold:  This year’s designers envision a gilded fall and a winter rich with gold sequins and glittery sheen.

Achieve the look! Look for party dresses in shimmery gold, dressy shirts with gold sequins, accessories in shiny gold, and purses with a gold mirror-like finish.

Waxed to Perfection: A laminated finish and a shiny, waxy look stood out on the runways this year.  The polished, glossy finish adds just the right touch to your wardrobe.

Achieve the look! You’ll find this look among dresses-from casual to fancy.  Pair them with patent leather boots or heels, a patent leather clutch, and a shiny, patent leather trench coat to complete the look.

Go Bold, or Go Home: Designers saw velvet in bold colors and patterns on the runway this year, offering a new twist on an old fashion from the ‘70’s.

Achieve the Look! You can either raid your grandmother closet, or you can buy something new.  Either way, you’ll want to look for dresses or pantsuits made with the smoothness of velvet.  You’ll find this fabric in bright shades of green, red, and purple, and funky patterns of leopard or bold stripes.

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