How to Wrap Oddly Shaped Gifts

It’s not just you or your lack of artistry – wrapping presents can be difficult. Tape is sticky. Scissors are unwieldy. Paper is fragile. On top of all that, some gifts don’t fit the box-shaped mold. Throw it in a bag and call it a day? Sure, you could, but the excitement and mystique is gone. Instead, take these instructions and make something beautiful. Or, at least try.

how to wrap difficult gifts

For stuffed animals:

how to wrap stuffed animals


Lay your fluffy fellow down on a sheet of tissue paper and tape where the ends meet. Put another sheet of tissue on top of that, taping at the opposite end. Cover with cellophane and tie wire ribbon around the ends, in the style of a giant piece of hard candy. Snip the ribbon for a polished finish.

For bottles:

Wrap tissue paper or cellophane around the bottle. Then, roll a layer of wrapping paper around that. Tape the ends together. Fold the paper over the bottom of the bottle and tape this as well, securing it in place. Cut the top layer of wrapping paper at the top so that it’s shorter than the tissue. Cinch the paper at the neck of the bottle and fluff it out with your hands. Use wire-trimmed ribbon to tie a double knot around the neck, and add a custom bow for flair!

wrapping oddly shaped gifts

Credit: MyHomeIdeas

For cylinder shapes:

how to wrap unusually shaped gifts

Credit: Howdini

Maybe you have a round tin of cookies or a few jar candles to wrap. Cover the curved side of the object with paper until the ends meet. Tape it in place. On the bottom, take one of the points of the paper and tuck it against the bottom of the object. Start creating a pleat by folding various points of the paper until everything meets in the center. Repeat on the other end. Your finished product should look a bit like a pinwheel on each side.

For clothing:

At a loss for t-shirt boxes? Place a piece of cardboard underneath soft, bulky garments. Wrap from the base up to create crisp corners that won’t tear or wrinkle. Top with a decorative bow!

For small items:

Create an envelope-style puffy box to place your items inside, and fill with tissue paper as you see fit. This step-by-step video is a key example on how to get this effect:

how to wrap small gifts


For items with protruding shapes:

how to wrap oddly shaped gifts


Kids’ toys can provide the biggest challenge with their plastic packaging and odd edges. Here’s a solution: Create a gift sack by cutting a large square of wrapping paper and placing the item in the center. Pull up opposite corners until all four edges meet at the center. Tuck in the sides, and cinch at the top, wrapping a ribbon around the excess paper.


creative gift wrapping

Credit: kreativekristies

For money:

Take an old mason jar and tape an empty toilet paper roll to the bottom. Fill the rest of the jar with colorful candy. Fold your money inside the cardboard roll and replace the lid. Your loved ones will never know there’s a surprise gift inside until they open the jar for a sweet treat!


Don’t forget the name tags! Grab a blank notecard, cut off two corners, and punch a hole in the side. Lace a ribbon through it and spell out the recipient’s name in pretty, bold cursive. Decorate to your heart’s content! Attach to your gifts and avoid any confusion come Christmas morning.

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