Why Choosing The Right Flat Iron Is So Important

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When it comes to choosing the right hair styling tool, the technical speak can get a little overwhelming. Tourmaline or NEO? Ceramic or titanium? What’s the difference, anyway?

Iconic beauty developer HAI was the first to make a ceramic iron in the late 90’s and they were the first to add tourmaline to their entire line of products. Now, they’re the first to make a NEO plate, too.

Your flat irons, curling irons, and hair dryers have the potential for so much more. So how do you know which one to choose for your hair type? We’re deciphering it below.

neo plates flat iron

NEO plates have mini grooves or bumps that create more surface area contact with your hair rather than letting it rub against other hairs, which is a major cause of splitting and damage.

Essentially, you’re cushioning your hair rather than crushing it. This leaves the strands round instead of flattened to maintain natural volume. NEO plates also transfer heat to hair in a controlled manner to reduce heat damage. It’s the preferred tool for fine, thin hair to give you that luscious volume.

damage control technology dct

The NEO Flat Iron is the first with complete Damage Control Technology (DCT). By simply cushioning the hair, the follicles seal and there is less friction and less burden on your tresses. This feature is specifically engineered for color-treated hair.

tourmaline ceramic fusion

Tourmaline is a precious stone. Ceramic is a material usually composed of clay. Tourmaline Ceramic Fusion technology allows for more crushed tourmaline gemstones, thus producing more negative ions and creating shinier, silkier, and more reflective hair. It straightens while driving/locking available moisture out of the hair. That’s why it’s also a great feature for blow dryers (it dries hair quickly while reducing frizz). If you’re trying to smooth naturally curly hair, tourmaline irons are your best bet.

flat iron that doesn't damage

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One thought on “Why Choosing The Right Flat Iron Is So Important

  1. Myleik

    Thanks for sharing the info! I need a new flat iron for my thick curly hair. Definitely gonna check these flat irons out.

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