7 Tips For Being A Stylish Dad

style tips for dadsStay Classic

For men and new dads in particular, grasping an actual sense of style can be tricky. Maybe you’re accustomed to dressing overly casual and now you have parent-teacher conferences to attend. Or maybe you’ve never really had a knack for style and you’re trying to set a better example. Whatever your situation, these quick style tips for dads are simple enough for everyone to try. 

1. Wear clothes tailored to your body

how to dress fashionable dadsStay Classic

Baggy jeans and ill-fitting tees are a thing of the past. Know your size and tailor your jeans if you have to (or cuff them at the bottom if they’re a little too long). When in doubt, size up. Your fashionable sense of style takes a huge hit if your clothes are too small. Blogger Tim of Stay Classic finds the perfect middle-ground here with relaxed-fit jeans and a snug knit pullover.

2. Go monochrome

tips for being fashionable dadThe Filo Dapper

Pick a hue and stick to it, like a smooth gradient that sweeps from head to toe. Blogger AJ of The Filo Dapper executes this look with ease. He wears dark blue on top, pastel blue on bottom, and white espadrilles as the final element to off-set the color scheme. Of course, monochrome is simplest if you go with black. Then, accent your look with key accessory pieces.

3. Minimal is more

how to dress new dadsc/o UGG Australia

Don’t make things more complicated than they should be. Stick to basic silhouettes, like V-neck sweaters, button-down shirts, and button-up polos. When it comes to logos, a small patch at the chest is OK. Large branding across your torso is more suitable for the kids, unless of course it’s game day and you’re just trying to support your favorite sports team.

4. Keep staple pieces on hand

celebrity dads with styleJustJared

Some clothes will really never go out of style. Trusty designs like leather jackets, knit cardigans, and fitted blazers are necessary for every man’s wardrobe, no matter your age. Find one that suits you and keep it for a lifetime. Pro tip: Baby carriers make for adorable, practical staple pieces too.

5. Choose proper footwear

style tips for dadsStay Classic

Throw out the bulky skater shoes for a pair of clean sneaks, and don’t even think about slipping into a socks-and-sandals combo. For the classiest dad style, try boat shoes, loafers, boots, or espadrilles. The right choice in shoe and sock (or lack thereof) can make or break a look. Refer to this men’s guide to wearing shoes without socks, including a helpful chart that indicates when is the best time to go sock-less.

6. Accessorize appropriately

dad style done rightDailyMail

Invest in a sophisticated watch for instant class. With all other accessories, know when they’re appropriate. A baseball cap at a ballgame? Sure. A flat cap with a coat? Try it. A simple band on your finger? Yes. The right accessories bring you one step closer to being a fashionable dad.

7. Coordinating looks are always adorable (for new dads)

kanye west matching north west

coordinating dad daughter looksVogue / Life & Style

We love the subtlety of Kanye West matching his daughter while wearing an olive jacket and lace-up boots. But we also love the not-so-subtle grey t-shirt/gold chain/leather pants combo. The outlandish coordinating style may only work for Kanye, but we dare any new dads out there to try it for a special occasion. At the very least, you’ll win smiles from everyone around.

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