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Shoe Parts That You Should Know

When you shop online for shoes, the description may throw in terms like “vamp” or “counter”. Shoes have quite a bit of terminology that can be confusing, so we decided to help you out. We didn’t list all the terms or all the shoe styles, but these are the ones you will most likely come across when shopping online.


The above image can help with other styles like sneakers for men and women. The construction is a little different, but the main parts are generally the same. Shoes with tall heels, like women’s high heels or high heel boots, have a very different shape and certain terms are more common, like “shank” and “breast”.


One last thing to note is that you come across the word “sole” it usually refers to the outsole. Remember, the outsole is the part that actually makes contact with the ground. Now that you have a better understanding of the shoe terms, get shopping and know exactly what you’re looking for!

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True Religion Shoes: Truly Fantastic and Going Fast

What goes best under your favorite pair of True Religion Jeans? Why True Religion shoes, of course! (What did you think we were going to say?!)

The fit, the style, the sexy comfort of True Religion Jeans is legendary. So it’s only natural the brand would extend its unique vision to footwear. Their entire line of mens sneakers and women’s pumps has the extra bit of True Religion contemporary styling that says – ever-so-cleverly – you’ve got a true eye for fashion.

True Religion Shoes for Men and Women

Take a look at our Designer Studio Store collection of True Religion shoes. We’re finding them to be selling crazy right now! Then read on about our faves – and let us know if you love what we love. 🙂

Our Favorites

First, the mother of all classic casual mens shoes: True Religion Johnny Slip On Shoes for Men. Now, slip-on shoes for men can be … well lets face, it, they can be awful … so we’ve taken a stand here at Designer Studio Store and sell only the best-looking and feeling mens slip ons. And in our opinion, the True Religion Johnny Slip On stands at the top of the list. Matte leather with just a touch of patent leather. Great soft suede finishing on heels and across the toe. Mesh for breathable comfort. Pure style and class. Yummy.

Jumping to athletic shoes for women, we adore the Spencer – True Religion Women’s Strap On Shoes. Unbeatable support and style. The black is great when you’re in a sweat-like-crazy, don’t-look-at-me (too much) gym mode. And there are cute color combos to fit those endorphin-inspired workout days when you want eyes looking your way.

Back to men: the True Religion Justan and True Religion Jackson are two fantastic choices for white Black Mens Leather Sneaker; True Religion Hanabel is an amazing lace up sneaker for men and comes in a great range of colors, and the True Religion Perry has a strap lace-up combo we like. (Psst, the white/brown color combo is really great-looking.)

Lastly, check out the True Religion Mary Jane Eva. A funky interpretation of a classic women’s shoe. A Mary Jane in rich brown leather with a burnished bronze metal loop anchoring the straps. They’re perfect for showing off your legs in your new fall outfits.

Add to Cart

Well, we have to stop now, but the truth is, we love all of the True Religion footwear styles. Let us know what you think by adding True Religion to your cart today!

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