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Lacoste For MenLacoste company was funded by Christian and Rene Lacoste.  Rene Lacoste was a French tennis champion who was nicknamed the crocodile by the American press. Rene liked the nickname and had a crocodile embroidered on his blazers.  In 1933 Rene Lacoste teamed up with Andre Gillier, the owner of the largest French knitwear manufacturing firm in France. Together they created the cotton pique shirt that changed the sportswear market forever.

Over the time Lacoste expanded and now sells clothing, footwear, perfume and accessories.  Women lacoste shoes and Lacoste men’s fashion sneakers are in demand all over the world for its quality and understated style.  Lacoste women shoes include flats, sneakers, boots, flip flaps and heels. Lacoste men shoes go from sneakers footwear to leather shoes. Lacoste tops are also one of the most sought after pieces of the brand.  Celebrities and sports figure can’t get enough of the polo for women and men. The company also has a Lacoste kids shoes and clothing line which features the same affordable luxury and detail as all Lacoste products.  As a true lifestyle brand the company also has its own line of accessories, making it available to fashion lovers to accessorize their outfit with fashionable and unique pieces.

Lacoste is timeless, classic style.

Shop now: Lacoste For MenWomen Lacoste Shoes or Shop Lacoste Kids

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How To Choose The Perfect Shoes – The Power Of Lacoste

Oh, the power of  Designer shoes..

They can make our legs look long, they can keep us grounded. A great shoe can skinny up our ankles, but beware, because the wrong one can make them look thick. The right shoes make us feel comfortable and relaxed and confident. And shoes that are not right can make us feel absolutely terrible.  

So how to choose? After all, if it’s a casual shoe, should it matter? The answer is yes. Shoes say we care about how we look – and that remains true even when your look is casual. Maybe even especially so.  

Here are the 3 main considerations when choosing the right casual shoes for women, men and children, featuring a favorite Designer Studio Store Brand –  Lacoste shoes for men, women and children

1. Quality It matters. Above all, you want your feet to be supported and protected, something great style masters like Lacoste are well aware of. Lacoste, legendary brand of the tennis world, has been dedicated to quality since the company began in 1933. From casual slip ons to athletic shoes to fashion shoes, you can count on great fit, style and support – the perfect recipe for quality. Another note about quality: preserve the quality of your shoes by mixing it up often. Wearing your favorite pair day in and day out will definitely wear them out! 

2. Fit –  Practical advice here. Feet swell throughout the day, so shop at the end of the day. Measure each foot because they will most likely be different sizes, and be sure to re-measure periodically. Feet spread with age and shrink a bit with weight loss. Don’t buy a pair thinking they will stretch, because they won’t! And finally, don’t be talked into shoes by anyone. Go with what you love, because you’ll be the one going around in them. 

3. Style–  Here’s where you can have all kinds of fun, because today’s shoes come in so many looks and colors. Men’s fashion sneakers can dress up designer jeans, and men’s slip on shoes can add a comfortable casual flair to office wear. Women’s slip on shoes can be a complementary touch that completes a look, but they’re also so creative they can be the main accent for an outfit. And kids always love it when their kicks stand out in high style.

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