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Newsletter Gift Card Winners!

$100 Gift Card WinnersCongratulations to our 100$ gift card winners Yariza Ramirez, Aimee Boudrow, and Wendy Ramos! Winners, please keep your phone nearby and keep a lookout for us in your e-mail. We will be contacting you shortly to give you your prize!

For the past few weeks, we had a raffle going on at all our current Designer Studio store locations. Customers came by one of our store locations in California or Texas and signed up for our newsletter to win a $100 gift card. The contest was also available online via our website at www.designerstudiostore.com.

If you missed your chance this time around, don’t worry! Follow us on Facebook, our blog, or sign up for our Designer Studio newsletter for more upcoming contests, raffles, and events. Some are local and some are company wide so make sure you stay tuned!

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Lov(Posh) is in the Air!





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Candlelit Dinner…

The perfect ingredients for a fabulous Valentine’s Day!  It’s just around the corner and people everywhere are getting ready for that special day.  If you’re a guy you’re probably stressing about what to get your girl to show her how much you love her.  If you’re a girl, the one and only thing you’re stressing about is what to wear.

Keeping with the romantic theme isn’t hard if you focus your attention on LovPosh clothing line based out of Los Angeles, CA.  Their goal is selling contemporary clothing to modern women.  With soft, flowing dresses and pastel colors, their clothing has a vintage feel that harkens back to the days of the Roaring ‘20’s, which is a style that’s making its way back to the runways this year.

LovPosh has a beautiful collection of dresses and tops accented with layers, ruffles, and lace. If you’re not the dress wearing type, their tops are a great choice too.   The multi-colored eyelet knit top worn over a pair of jeans is an excellent choice if you’re going for a more casual feel.  Add a pair of strappy high heels or flats and a vintage purse or clutch to finish the look.

For a dressier choice, something like their flowing jersey dress with plenty of layers and ruffles will add just the right touch of flirty flair to your look.  Pair it with a delicate shrug, kitten heels and pearls and you’re ready for a very romantic night out.

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Look Fashion Or Look Unique? How To Avoid Style Plagiat?

Season after season fashion gurus draw our outfits, choosing colors, materials and even makeup and hair styles. With variety of designers and their own creative directions fashionistas have many options to go for. But as noticed every season there is this “one thing”, we know is the greatest invention and we have to have it! So it gets done buy many brands with their own interpretation, advertised all over the planet, and then guess what?… sold to millions of people. This is fashion, but don’t we want to look unique as well?  By the end of the day, what make certain item fashion? – Publicity or the fact that you see this piece on every second person around you?

Another side of the story is when people look unique. And we think something is unique because we didn’t see it before, so that means it wasn’t “approved” by media. I am sure you agree, that a lot of people follow by “what Vogue said”, and will call this unique item or outfit tasteless. What are you thought? How to balance between being fashion and being unique?

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