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It’s The Month Of Love!

Romantic FashionFebruary is known as the “month of love” because of Valentine’s Day, and we spend days, even weeks, getting ready for it. We start planning what we’re going to do, what we’re going to give to our special someone, and the most important thing, what we’re going to wear!

Everyone has their own style, but there’s still ways to add touches of romance to every look whether it’s punk, trendy, boho, or classic elegance.

Punk: If you like to wear punk, which can range in style from classic to glam to steampunk then your closet is full of dark clothing, studded leather jackets, military style boots, and fingerless leather gloves.

Romance it up! Add a pink or red ruffled lace camisole under the leather jacket, pink mesh tights with a leather mini skirt and boots, or pink fingerless gloves and studded leather jewelry.

Date Night Movie: Enjoy a classic punk movie like Valley Girl or Sid and Nancy, or the more recent What We Do is Secret.


Trendy: If you’re into the latest styles and trends, then your wardrobe consists of color block clothing with flashy embellishments, flared skirts, fur handbags, and high heels made with a mix of fabrics and patterns.

Romance it up! Make your look flirty and romantic by wearing a dress in a color block of reds and pinks, with either a sheer top or bottom block. A flared skirt is romantic by itself, but you can add a ruffled pink or red blouse and kitten heels to complete the look. Complete your look with an adorable handbag trimmed in pink or red fur.

Date Night Movie: Snuggle up with your favorite guy and watch P.S. I Love You, The Notebook, or the timeless Titanic.


Boho: One of the most versatile styles around, boho ranges from boho grunge to boho chic and everything in between. It’s a style that naturally incorporates romance from flowing skirts and dresses to ruffled shirts and lacy accessories.

Romance it up! Add a pink or red lacy camisole to a printed flowered skirt, pair crocheted UGG boots with lacy pink or red tights and a long sweater dress, or wear a delicate lace or ruffled scarf loosely around your neck.

Date Night Movie: Curl up in front of the fire and enjoy an indie favorite like Peace, Love, & Misunderstanding, Happiness Runs, or a rom-com like Wanderlust.


Classic Elegance: If you dress in classic fashion, you prefer plaids, tweeds, slacks, button-down shirts and the like. It’s a timeless look that never goes out of style, and it’s easy to incorporate trendy or romantic touches.

Romance it up! Change out the button-down shirt to one with ruffles and lace or pair the slacks with flats decorated with a bow. Instead of slacks, wear a flared skirt with a peek-a-boo lace hem and heels for a romantic touch. Or, you can add a sheer wrap over a lacy camisole to wear with your favorite slacks and pumps.

Date Night Movie: Classic style calls for classic romantic movies like Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Ghost, or Sleepless in Seattle.

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Winter season is almost here and that means it’s time for boots and UGG Australia is the answer for this chilly winter. Not only are they warm but listen to this… UGG Australia has launched a fashion line that will keep you in style also. Like always you have your basics, but look even further for the stylish new line. OMG make sure to check the new styles they’re to die for:)
Look how the stars are wearing them:





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Fashion Trends We Are Thankful For

Thanksgiving is the time to give thanks for the good in our lives: family, friends and, at Designer Studio Store, fashion. In our world, fashion is the ultimate form of self-expression. Fall trends bring the perfect mix of warm and comfortable. We celebrate Thanksgiving and have memorable gatherings in fall fashions and, each year, those outfits end up in our family photo albums.  When you are thinking about what to wear to this year’s Thanksgiving dinner, think about these gifts straight from the fall runway.

Boots and Skirts

Pull together your favorite long sleeved shirt with tights, boots and your favorite blouse for an attractive, head-turning fall look. Here’s the long and the short of this look:

Prairie skirt: Boho fashion is in. Take one look at this fall’s celebrity gossip magazines and you will see celebs wearing longer skirts with boots.  This trend has held solid for a few years. Pair a flowing skirt with leggings for warmth. Complete the look with a pair of UGG® Skylair women’s boots.

Above the knee, flowing short skirt: Flowing skirts beg for sexy tight calf high boots. Pair a flowing skirt with a long sleeved shirt, a fuzzy vest and a comfy pair of boots. Make sure the boots come up to at least the top of your calves to balance out the loose flow of the skirt.

Denim mini: Match a denim mini skirt with a pair of cute ankle high boots for a youthful duo. A cowl neck or turtle neck sweater will keep away the winter chill.  As the weather becomes colder, slip on a trench coat for a fun look that will keep you toasty too!

Jeans and Heels

The boot heel trend ushered in a whole new era of it being perfectly ok to wear your dress heels with your favorite pair of jeans. Skinny jeans, casual fit anything but high waist mom jeans is incredibly wearable with heels.  One of our favorite pairs of jeans to wear with heels are from Hudson. The Hudson Baby Boot Denim jeans really accentuate your assets while the heels really elevate your style.

Faux Fur

Real fur isn’t very PC these days. In fact, PETA has been quite successful in deterring people from real fur with the “I’d rather go naked than wear fur” campaign they have been running over the past few years.  Fortunately, faux fur is still quite in fashion.  This fall, faux fur accented coats, boots, capes and even sweaters are everywhere you look. To wear it right, don’t overdo it on the faux fur. Stick with accents and thoughtful touches throughout your wardrobe.  One faux fur cap can go a long way.

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Designer Showcase: Minnetonka

Minnetonka isn’t new as a boot brand, but the company’s recent popularity may make it seem new. For more than 60 years, Minnetonka has been creating comfortable and fashionable moccasin-style footwear. Fashion forward companies like Minnetonka and UGG® brought this style to the forefront of the fashion world, stomping runways from London to New York.  Celebs from Kate Moss to Rachel Bilson rock the moccasin boot.

Three Ways to Rock Minnetonka:

1)      The Prairie Girl: Maxi Dress

The Olsen Twins often step out in this effortless look which features a long dress and Minnetonka boots. Feather extensions complete the look.

2)      The Hippie Chick: Mini Skirt

Peace out and pair a flowing shirt with a mini skirt and Minnetonka boots. Top it off with a headband.

3)      The Trendy Chick: Skinny Jeans

Go modern up top and native on the feet for a modern look that delivers both comfort and style.

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Give the Boot to Boring Footwear

Fall is here and that means one thing in terms of footwear. Get out your boots! With the return of the skinny jean, the tops of boots are getting more play than ever. So boring, run-of-the-mill, leather shoes and boots aren’t the only styles you will find out there this season. Versatile boots are what’s hot this fall. This season, boots have fur, studs, tassels, suede and even buttons. They fold down, zip up and get scrunched, some styles do all three!  Boring, be gone!

If you love the native look and like popular UGG® Australia boots, UGG® has some competition with Minnetonka on the rise. Stay tuned next week to learn more about this rising star in the boot world.

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Fall/Winter 2010 Fashion Trends: Casual Embellishment

Styles right now couldn’t be more comfortable and casual – and at the same time, they couldn’t be more unique. Boots, T-shirts, Short Jackets and Jeans rule the day. But there’s always that little touch of perfect embellishment. Steve Madden, Ugg, Affliction, Kenneth Cole – all your favorite designers have riffed on freedom of expression and self-confidence to create exciting new looks that will make you look fab.

Steve Madden put bows on a bag, chunked up boots, smoothed out boots, and sexed up heels. Steve Madden leather has never been better. Steve boots and Steve shoes, Steve Madden handbags, Steve Maddenaccessories … see all Steve Madden styles and add your favorites to cart.

Kenneth Cole fashions has gone for “tight and tiny” in a big way with this banging bomber and puffy jacket with shiny edge detail. In fact, all Kenneth coats are completely irresistible, including Kenneth Cole men’s fashions.

Ugg went all-out for variety this season. Ugg classic womens boots, Ugg shoes for women – all of these australian boots, sheepskin enhanced, are all the rage. Choose a different pair for every outfit! Their creative collection of finishing touches like bands, fringe, snaps and buttons is speciallly create this season.

Affliction is in on the fun, too. It looks to us like they channeled 80’s rockers like Joan Jett for inspiration. (memba her?) We love the reds above all – which are your favorites? (And did you know you can get Affliction watches? Awesome holiday gift!)

If you’re looking for a fashionable something for yourself or others that’s practical, too, Go Lacoste! Lacoste Men’s Sneakers, Lacoste slip on shoes, Lacoste fashion for women, Lacoste kids shoes. You simply can’t go wrong.

It’s a great season for fashion – and the season of gift giving, too!

DesignerStudioStore.com always has the finest – and most fun! – designer brands available. Rock & Republic Mens, Rock & Republic Womens, Black Rivet Jackets and Black Rivet Shoes, Armani Exchange Sunglasses, Hudson Women, Hudson Men, A. Kurtz, Chinese Laundry, DKNY Leather, Mek Denim, Throwdown, Vigoss, Projeck Raw.

Enjoy as you browse and choose for you and the ones you love. And if you can’t decide, here’s an easy option…

Just select a DesignerStudioStore Gift Card!

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UGG Australia New Fall 2010 Collection Now At Designer Studio

New and as always fabulous shoes and boots from Ugg Australia Fall 2010 collection now available at Designer Studio. Ugg shoes for women proven to be the best choice if you want to have comfortable and fashion footwear. This fall Ugg Australia brings us updated Bailey Button boots with triple button – Ugg Bailey Button Triplet in variety of colors. If you like something unique you will defiantly love new Ugg Retro Cargo with. These Sheepskin tall boots with side pocket can be very functional if you want to go for a walk without bringing you purse:)

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