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Style Your TOMS



If you guys missed it last year then definitely come out to this year’s event! Right after you purchase your new TOMS™ kicks or shades, walk a few steps from out register to one of the local artists and get your free design! The artist will collaborate with you in order to make your masterpiece.

Maybe you want something personalized for that special someone. Maybe a friend’s birthday is coming up. Maybe this could be an alternative to that tattoo you’re too afraid of getting. Whatever it may be, it’ll truly be made for you and hand painted by one of our fabulous artists.

Evey TOMS™ product that you buy will honor the One for One program that TOMS™ is all about. In other words, you’ll buy something and get it customized just for you, but also help someone who is need.

Check out these gems from the TOMS™ events from last year! We really hope to see you at our event this year!








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