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Sweatshirt Fashion Trends

In the fashion world, we know that everything changes at a very fast pace. While some things are new and innovative, other things are recycled, reused, and have new life breathed into them.  Sweatshirts are one of those things. People say that the button down shirt is a true timeless classic, but it seems sweatshirts have been making their stamps on fashion for decades.

We recently came across this article: The Rise of the Fashion Sweatshirt – BoF – The Business of Fashion. What was once a staple of tourists and lazy afternoons has now become a fashionable piece of clothing. Not just for casual wear either. From the schoolyard, to pro athletes, to red carpet glamor; sweatshirts have made their stamp on  fashion. Usually, they are perceived as a dull garment that you only use when you’re out running errands, or coming home from the gym, or when you have the flu. But it seems like everyone is treating like a dirty little secret; it can be worn comfortably, it can be edgy, it can be… sexy.

Fashion trends (even the high end stuff) has taken hints from the humble garment, particularly the hood. Why? Well, a sweatshirt, sweater, or hoodie (whatever you prefer to call it) is something completely practical, incredibly comfortable, and very customizable. We’re glad that it’s a fashion trend that works for a lot of styles and doesn’t compromise comfort. Here’s some examples of what the sweatshirt has become.


Plain or Plain With Print


Desigual® Women’s Sweater



This is by far the most common sweatshirt type. From company logos, to sport teams, to pretty patterns; a plain sweatshirt with a printed graphic is easily customizable to anyone. Find a blank one and it can be turned into anything you’d like with a simple graphic print. These days, they’re easily paired with shorts during the warmer and colder months. Throw on the right accessories and a sweater instantly becomes more fashionable.



                      Casually Sexy


Image from popoq.com


The girl-next-door look can easily become enticingly edgy. The magic happens with one or two things: the bulkiness of the hood and collar actually frame the head and body quite nicely, or if the style is played to show some skin (usually the shoulders), the look becomes tastefully sultry.



 A Leather Jacket Soul Mate


Image from www.zimbio.com



This picture of Star Trek actor Chris Pines shows a favorite trend: a leather jacket over a plain sweatshirt. It’s casual and versatile without being too relaxed. It’s a look that both men and women can use, but can bepersonalized to no end. Some things are just meant to go together.  The look won’t be going anywhere anytime soon and we’re pretty happy about it.




The Hooded Dress

Vanessa Hudgens and Karolina Kurkova

Vanessa Hudgens and Karolina Kurkova


Vanessa Hudgens and Karolina Kurkova are wearing a Green Sequin Hooded Wrap Dress by Diane von Furstenberg.  Sweaters with hoods are a staple of lounge wear and all things cozy, but every few years the fashion world is graced with some form of a hooded dress (a real dress, not a Halloween costume!). It has a similar vibe to the vintage style of headscarves, but with a more futuristic appeal. Who would have thought that a hood would make something seem vintage and futuristic at the same time? Casual or glamorous, people seem to love hoods.


Whatever your style is, long live the sweatshirt!

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Rockin’ the New Year

The never ending dilemma of every female who ever lived and the burning question of all time has to be  – ‘What am I going to wear??!!’   We’ve come up with some suggestions that should help you usher in the New Year with style.

Family gatherings are hard enough as it is.  Trying to figure out what to wear doesn’t help the situation.  Usually these are casual affairs so a nice pair of jeans, a stylish shirt and some cute shoes will do the trick.  You could also wear a sweater over skinny jeans tucked into boots.  This way you can be casual and fashionable while spending some quality time with your favorite family members while avoiding the not-so-favorite ones (I think we all have those!).

When you’re ready to head out that night to welcome in the New Year, casual just won’t cut it.  You can dress up your favorite pair of jeans with a flirty frock and glittery wedge heels.  If you prefer a dressy look, a long sleeved double knit sweater dress with black tights and ankle boots will keep you warm and trendy at the same time.

For guys ratty jeans and trashed shoes are not the way to go, even around family.  Pull on a simple five pocket jean and pair them with some casual sneakers for a classic look.  If you’re planning to head out to a late night party to welcome in the New Year, throw on a crisp button down long sleeve shirt and ward off the winter chill with a sport coat.

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