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Accessories For Women

Little touches like jewelry, belts, hats, scarves, gloves, and shades add pop and pizazz to your look.  Believe it or not, you can actually create a signature look even while wearing something as basic as jeans and a sweater.  Just add a few accessories here and there and Voila!  Your signature look is created and ready for the world!  We’ve taken the time to give you some ideas on how to create certain looks that are fashionable right now.

Trendy: Choose accessories like a military style hat paired with a leather wrap bracelet accented with gold to compliment your skinny jeans and knee-high boots.

Boho: To create this look, go with a flowing skirt coupled with comfortable ankle high moccasin boots. Add a side sling bag and a floppy hat to complete the look.

Casual:  Jeans are always a go-to wardrobe choice.  To accessorize for this look, simply choose a pair of classic aviator shades and a cable knit cap and scarf set.

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Sunglasses in the Snow

The summer heat may be over but your eyes are far from out of the danger zone when it comes to the sun.  When it snows, regardless of whether the sun is out or not, UVA/UVB is reflected off of the stark white and can affect your eyes. When there is a lot of snow on the ground, you risk becoming snow blind if you don’t wear the proper eye protection.  Sunglasses are absolutely a must in the fall and winter and with snow hitting the ground for the first time in the season already (albeit early) there is no time like the present to get a new pair of shades.

Things to look for in a pair of sunglasses this time of year:

UV Protection: UVB exposure is credited as the cause of cataracts in old age. Much like you can get sunburned, UVB rays can cause serious damage to your eyes.

Polarized Lenses: If you are doing outdoor sports, you want sunglasses with polarized lenses. These glasses reduce glare and make your overall environment much sharper.

Mirrored Lenses: It’s not just about being mysterious. True, other people won’t be able to see your eyes. But in conditions when glare is strong, they can be very helpful.

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Father’s Day Sale 20% Off + Gift Ideas For Any Budget

Father’s day is coming up and if you are still looking for the perfect gift; you are finally at the right place! Designer Studio is the favorite man’s fashion store where you can find anything from cool shoes, designer jeans and stylish shirts to unique designer hats and sunglasses.

For those who want to save and take advantage of our 20% off promotion we offer special promo code which will be sent only to our subscribers. To get this amazing deal just click here and enter our exclusive list.

Here’s some gift ideas for different budgets:

1. “LOVE My DAD – But Recession Hurts”: Get him a fashion hat – he will definitely wear it this summer season! Chose from the cool Red Monkey, A Kurtz, Affliction or Hugo Boss hats for under $50. Another great option is the Toms shoes for men. Buy Toms shoes and a kid in need will receive a pair of shoes as well (“One For One”)!

2. “Not His Birthday But Wanna Give Something Nice”: How about a t-shirt from fashion designers like Affliciton, Xtreme Couture,  Throwdown, for about $70, or cool shades from Armani Exchange sunglasses for about $79?

3. “Hey, My Dad Is The Best And Deserves The Best!”: Knock your self out and shop for latest jeans from top designers like 7 For All Mankind, Hudson, Affliction, Buffalo and Hugo Boss; sneakers and shoes from Lacoste, Ugg Australia, Creative Recreation and Steve Madden; shirts from 7 Diamonds, Hugo Boss and Faconnable and more.

Not sure what to get? Give your Dad a power of choice! Designer Studio gift cards range from $25 to $500 so your can chose the one which fits your budget and be sure your Dad will find his perfect gift!

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Cool Shades of Style with the Unmistakable Armani Edge

At one red carpet event after another – and in their private moments, too – the world’s hottest stars choose A|X shades. Today, we’ve got them for you!

Hey everyone – it’s time to get your summer chic on! And the coolest way to protect against the hot summer days is found in our sizzling new selection of Armani Exchange Sunglasses. Rimless, Aviator, White and Bright, Oversized and Sleek, Futuristic and Classic – we’ve gathered the best of the best and priced them just for you! A|X is where Giorgio Armani translates his sensual and unique style in a casual, yet sophisticated collection for the young, urban and sexy.

Just how cool is Armani? The proof is in the celebrities. Today celebs consider Armani a fashion staple. Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, Russell Crow, Cate Blanchett, Jessica Simpson, Kim Kardashian and Jamie Fox to name but a few. Oh, and get this: Megan Fox (Armani underwear model extraordinaire and recently an Armani bride) rocked A|X shades on her honeymoon this summer.

Interesting little factoid about celebrity endorsements: Back in the 80s, Armani was one of the first designers to reach out to stars. Before that, actors and actresses didn’t do much advertising or promotion because it was thought to be too crass and unworthy of their special talents. Boy, have times changed, and aren’t we glad they have! By watching what celebs wear and endorse, regular folks can see what fashions are new and fantastic, and which ones are right for them. And here at DesignerStudioStore.com, we’re so happy to offer them to you in terrific selections at great prices.

Which brings us back to Armani A|X shades. Click on over now and find the style that’s right for you!

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