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What Your T-Shirt Is Talking About?

We love wearing jeans and t-shirt – simple, comfortable, can be worn pretty much any day of the week and to the most of places we go. Someone said – average person have about 5 times more t-shirt then jeans….very logical. We change t-shirt and it seems like new outfit. For a lot of the people t-shirt is a way to make their own fashion statement of the day.

Times of plain t-shirt are gone. Now you can find them in the store’s sleepwear department, and this is not surprising. Through the years creative minds brought millions of t-shirts ideas, and it seems like every designer was trying to tell us something on the tee. Well, we got the message and if it fits us and our style – we put it on.
Another direction taken by t-shirt designers is colorful printed tees with a lot of details. These tees have become very popular in the last few year.  Everyone knows names such as Ed Hardy, Christian Audigier, Affliction and Red Monkey who makes unforgetable statement with every tee. These t-shirt capture in your memory and that exactly what we need – to be memorized!

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