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Guys Guide to Fashion: Dress to Impress

Most people assume only women are interested in looking good.  But take a look around and you’ll see that times are changing. Men are stepping up to the fashion plate and hitting home runs – well, at least getting on base.  Yes, there are still a lot of guys sporting ill-fitting T-shirts and out-of-date jeans (the tapered leg is SO yesterday – or more like 20 years ago).  But, we think they’re starting to get it!

Something that always makes a man look stylish and put together is a polo shirt.  Classic and timeless, these shirts have been around for a long time and yet never go out of style.  Wear one with well-fitting jeans and a comfortable pair of TOMS shoes and you’re a man ready for a relaxing weekend.   Wear a long-sleeve polo, a pair of slacks and dress shoes and feel as confident as you look.

Another great style for men is the button-up shirt.  Long or short sleeved, this type of shirt can be worn with just about anything.  As timeless as the polo, the button-up is practically a staple in any man’s wardrobe.  With the cold weather upon us, the obvious choice right now would be a long sleeved button-up like this shirt, and can be worn under a warm sweater for a comfortable and casual look.

Before heading outside into the chill of winter, throw on a sexy sport coat over that polo or button up.  Sport Coats add a whole new dimension of style to a man’s fashionable look.  It will also stand out in a crowd of hoodies any day!  You’ll look like a man who knows what he wants and when he wants it.  Don’t believe us?  Give it a chance and we promise – you’ll be dressed to impress in no time.

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