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Celebrating Mom: Tips for Mother’s Day Surprises

Mother's day celebration in family

Happy Mother’s Day!

New moms, experienced moms, grandmas, or soon to be moms; it’s that time of year again to celebrate all the moms out there! Need some help buying a gift for Mother’s Day or plan something special? Here are some tips and tricks that can help guide you.


It’s Not Always About Needs

Buying a gift based on what your mom needs isn’t a bad thing, but you have to be a little careful not to give her something too impersonal. For example, how thrilled do you really think she would be if you got her a new vacuum cleaner? Sure, it’s useful, but we want to celebrate moms being awesome, not remind them about chores. Maybe she mentioned an event she’d like to go to. Maybe she liked a pair of boots here at Designer Studio. She won’t know it, but she can easily choose the gift herself if you just pay careful attention.



Handbags are accessories that are not only stylish, but practical and functioning. Face it guys, how many of you ask your girlfriend, sister, friend, or mom to hold your stuff simply because she has a purse or handbag?  There’s a lot to consider when buying: shape, color, type, material, straps, etc. Choosing one for your mom doesn’t have to be difficult though. The most reliable things to go by are brand and color. Look through her collection to get a feel for what she likes.



Don’t be fooled! Unless you physically take your mom shoe shopping, buying shoes as a gift can be tricky. Unless you know exactly what to look for, don’t aim too high. In other words, aim for a more casual shoe than a formal high heel shoe. They’re more versatile and she’s likely to wear them more often. Look into some nice sandals or flats, but try looking at moccasins, wedge sandals, or boat shoes for more style. Even sneakers can be some really nice looking sneakers!


Stay in Season

If you’re planning on buying clothing, stick to the season. Thrifty buys are always a plus, but when gifting, keep it current and buy accordingly. I’m sure she’d like that winter coat that’s on sale for a great price, but it’s pretty useless in the the middle of May! Get something that she could wear immediately rather than something she would have to wait months for to actually use.



Just because its jewelry, doesn’t mean it will be a hit. The key here is to make sure that it matches your mom’s style. Is she relaxed and laid back? Stick to simple patterns and softer colors like stud earrings or a simple chain necklace with a stylish pendant. Is she loud and bold? Try looking for contrasting colors and unique shapes. Look into dangle earrings and unusual ring settings. In order to get a better idea of what she likes, you may have to turn into some sneaky secret agent in order to get a look through her wardrobe and jewelry box.


Good Eats

Going out to dinner is always a great option, but make sure you make reservations. Nothing is more annoying than waiting while hungry. If you want to make it more personal, make something for her! She’ll appreciate the gesture and the meal. If you’re not much of a cook, have someone help you make her something very simple. If you’re feeling courageous and and want to take on a recipe, do a couple of test trials before the real deal. It’s worth getting the kinks out and making it a success rather than having your mom try and rescue whatever it was that you burnt.


Whatever you decide to do for your mom on her special day, make sure it’s with lots of love! Do you have any traditions, advice, or shopping tips for Mother’s Day? Comment below and share your wisdom!






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Give The Gift Your Mom Will LOVE

May is coming up and along with one of the best month of the year we are looking forward to one of the most meaningful holiday – Mother’s Day. Our moms love us unconditionally and are always there for us. Not to say we have to love our parents once a year, but let’s be honest – Mother’s day is the day we should do something extraordinary for our moms!
Of course, mother is a woman with all that love to surprises, romantic dinners and of course SHOES!!! Oh, these shoes!:) Well, saying that it appears that finding a gift for Mother’s day is not that easy. We worry about lots of things like, “Will she like it?”, “Will it fit her?”, “Is she ever going to use it?” and so on. So why risk it and give something your mom will never use, and probably feel guilty to return (just because YOU gave….don’t forget moms tend to be sentimental:).
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