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Designer Showcase: Minnetonka

Minnetonka isn’t new as a boot brand, but the company’s recent popularity may make it seem new. For more than 60 years, Minnetonka has been creating comfortable and fashionable moccasin-style footwear. Fashion forward companies like Minnetonka and UGG® brought this style to the forefront of the fashion world, stomping runways from London to New York.  Celebs from Kate Moss to Rachel Bilson rock the moccasin boot.

Three Ways to Rock Minnetonka:

1)      The Prairie Girl: Maxi Dress

The Olsen Twins often step out in this effortless look which features a long dress and Minnetonka boots. Feather extensions complete the look.

2)      The Hippie Chick: Mini Skirt

Peace out and pair a flowing shirt with a mini skirt and Minnetonka boots. Top it off with a headband.

3)      The Trendy Chick: Skinny Jeans

Go modern up top and native on the feet for a modern look that delivers both comfort and style.

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Give the Boot to Boring Footwear

Fall is here and that means one thing in terms of footwear. Get out your boots! With the return of the skinny jean, the tops of boots are getting more play than ever. So boring, run-of-the-mill, leather shoes and boots aren’t the only styles you will find out there this season. Versatile boots are what’s hot this fall. This season, boots have fur, studs, tassels, suede and even buttons. They fold down, zip up and get scrunched, some styles do all three!  Boring, be gone!

If you love the native look and like popular UGG® Australia boots, UGG® has some competition with Minnetonka on the rise. Stay tuned next week to learn more about this rising star in the boot world.

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