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New to DS: Louis Chevrolet Swiss Watches


Designer Studio is proud to introduce Louis Chevrolet Swiss Watches! What makes them different from the ordinary? Each watch is carefully designed and crafted in Switzerland using a blend of the finest materials, technology, and Swiss traditions. The styles range from classic to innovative, but all reflect a racing heritage. In fact, Louis’ number, the number 8, is marked on most of these fine crafted time pieces. Also, our collection features limited edition watches and are special marked. For example, the 5200 model that’s pictured above has the number 037/500 engraved in the back. It means that out of the 500 watches of this model that exist in the world, this watch was the 37th one manufactured. If you’re looking for a luxury watch that’s a little more energetic and inspired, a Louis Chevrolet Swiss Watch is an excellent choice. The brand is new to the American market and we’re excited to be part of this new chapter of their legacy!

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