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Guys Guide to Fashion: The Right Way to Layer

When there’s a nip in the air, it may be time to rotate out of those short sleeve shirts you love so much and embrace your long-sleeved wardrobe. October can be a weird month, where more than a good slasher flick on Halloween can give you goose bumps. One moment you are fine and the next you are cursing at yourself for not bringing a jacket. Enter the long lost art of layering. Some guys do it right and look great.  Others? Well, they look like they just rolled out of the sack. Here are some easy pointers on how to layer button-up shirts, t-shirts, polos and other clothing with your fall styles.


  •  Pair a pattern, fitted, tee with a solid or semi-solid button up shirt. Try pairing up a tailored shirt with a cool pattern like the Remetee T-Shirt Staredown.
  • Slip on an open neck long-sleeve shirt under your favorite tee. We love the tough Affliction Motors Event Tee.
  • Pull a t-shirt on under your polo and then top it off with a light jacket.


  • Pop your collar over a sweatshirt. Try a long sleeve tee underneath, instead.  Like this stylish knit.
  • Go monochrome by layering the same color. Switch it up.
  • Layer anything under a tank top. We don’t have to show you an alternative way to wear it. Just don’t.  The closest you should get is an Outerwear Vest with a fitted long sleeve underneath.
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