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Get Fit in Style!

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Every year, you tell yourself the same thing. You’re going to get fit, lose weight, eat better, etc. You start out strong in the beginning, hitting the gym every day, but before you know it you lose steam. Or, you want to keep going but you don’t like the style of clothing or footwear options you come across. Maybe it’s all about your feet hurting because you’re wearing the wrong shoes.

That’s easy to fix! Lacoste offers stylish shoes that will help keep you in shape all year long. Just by wearing the right shoes, you’ll stay motivated to keep up your exercise routine and burn up to 300 calories in just one hour! Another reason to wear comfortable shoes without giving up on style is to maintain foot health.

Wearing the wrong shoes can cause many problems – from bunions to fallen arches and from corns to calluses. Obviously, those aren’t fun to deal with when you’re trying to work out to lose weight or have a healthier body.

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Designer StudioStudioStore Giveaway! Free Water Bottle with Lacoste Shoe Purchase

Just in time for your last-minute back-to-school shopping! Outfit you and your family in the fab quality and style of Lacoste fashions – and get a this terrific re-useable water bottle while you’re at it!

Environmentally Friendly
This offer is a natural! We at the DesignerStudioStore are committed to keeping our footprint on the planet as small and safe as possible. And luxury sportswear Lacoste has put their money behind conservation projects – highlighted by their support of “Save Your Logo.”

Lacoste was the first international brand to support this campaign, donating $150,000 euros to help safeguard and protect the fabled South American Orinoco crocodile.

“My father was nicknamed ‘the crocodile’ when he played tennis. And if we can give back a little bit of everything the crocodile has brought us, we should seize the opportunity to do so.” Michel Lacoste, Chairman, CEO

Fashion/Function Friendly
Lacoste has colors and styles to fit every function and fashion imaginable! And each design reflects the brand’s DNA – classic, understated, quality, and luxury with a sophisticated blend of sports and fashion.

Order Today!
Refresh your Lacoste shoe collection and get FREE Water Bottle with any order of $150 or more while supplies last!

Jump to Our Exceptional Collection of Lacoste Men’s, Lacoste shoes for Kids, and  Women Lacoste Shoes Now!

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We All ♥ Lacoste!

On the court or off. Shoes, sneakers and casual shoewear. Lacoste delivers fantastic comfort and quality … and surprisingly awesome, on trend styling!

See for yourself how this classic, traditional brand stays way ahead of  times and trends in this video of the Lacoste Berlin launch party for their Legends line. Trust us – Lacoste + Berlin = a banging party! (All they’re missing for a truly amazing time is some of our incredible DesignerStudioStore customers.)

Did you watch it? That’s the kind of cool you’ll enjoy when you slip on Lacoste women fashions, Lacoste men’s styles or Lacoste kids shoes!


Of course, we’re happy and proud to say you’ll find the best selection and prices for Lacoste Brand – and the easiest online shopping experience – right here, at DesignerStudioStore.com

Check out, women, Lacoste shoes like the Lacoste Ekani, Shura, Swerve  and Aven series. Here’s a simple link to all of our Lacoste women sneakers and thongs. In every shoe, Lacoste provides excellent breathability, support and comfort and increased shock absorption to keep your feet comfortable even when you’re at your highest performance level.  The Carnaby all white, retro-inspired sport shoe keeps the traditional style seen in classic tennis shoes and the “croc” logo on the side adds that extra bit of fashion. The Carnaby is available in both a men’s and women’s shoe.

Same goes for Lacoste men’s sneakers, shoes and casual footwear. Find our outstanding collection here. Future, Protect, Shura, Carnaby – these are fashions that men can wear day and night.

And let’s not forget Lacoste kids shoes. Your grown-up self can appreciate the quality and care that’s built in to Lacoste toddler, infant and junior shoes. And your forever-young self will adore the styles! Check out our Lacoste kids shoes here!

Be it a comfortable, high performance shoe for your next match, a daytime shoe, or something to wear out to your next crazy-cool launch party (ha!), we’re here to tell you that Lacoste is an excellent choice.

See all Lacoste sneakers at Designer Studio Store.

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Lacoste Sneakers for Summer – Smart and Stylish

Did you know this unmistakable little green Lacoste Crocodile first appeared on sneakers back in 1963? Or that in the same year, company leader Rene Lacoste invented the world’s first steel tennis racquet? Clearly these dudes know their sneakers! So we thought it was important to bring them to you, dear customer. From straps and laces, to black and white with accents, for men, women and kids, find the pairs that are right for you in our terrific new lineup of  high quality, high style sneakers by Lacoste.

Lacoste  built its name on quality and comfort, and today they’ve added awesome unique styling, too. We love the look of  Rouhanne, Ekani, Shua, and the Classic Meryon Lace for women. We think men look classic and sexy in Carnaby Carnaby, Futur Lux and Swerve.  Lacoste even takes care of putting your kids in high fashion, highly comfortable shoes with looks like Shua Golf Strap and Swerve.

We could go on – but you get the point. Lacoste sneakers are a summer essential. From straps and laces, to black and white with accents, for men, women and kids. Here’s a link to look at them all, so you can find the pairs that are right for you. We hope you enjoy our terrific new lineup of  high quality, high style sneakers by Lacoste.

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Shoes For Any Season – Sneakers, Deep In Our Hearts!

In the world of footwear with millions of roads, sneakers like a major freeway. From athletic to fashion, sneakers can be worn even with suites, like, for example, selected Hugo Boss shoes. Sneakers are great for any season, any occasion, and the most important, they are so comfortable to wear! One of the most famous brands with amazing selection of sneakers is Lacoste, who managed to bring athletic shoes to the different stage on fashion runaway. Lacoste shoes are stylish, different from season to season, made “with love” and care.

Creativity don’t stay still and designers began to use different material instead of making plain leather or fabric sneakers, like for example UGG Australia created Corbin shoe with sheepskin insole – what else will bring maximum comfort to your feet?:)

Another twist was noticed in True Religion sneakers collection where you can find shoes with combination of leather, suede and nylon, like True Religion Dana Nylon sneakers.

World of fashion moving fast, world of sneakers runs like a champion!

True Religion


Hugo Boss


Ugg Australia

True Religion

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