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Father’s Day Gift Guide

father's day gift guide

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Buying gifts for your dad is almost always a crapshoot. So you settle on socks or a tie or a case of his favorite beer. But he never seems all that impressedContinue reading

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Gift Ideas for Dad

Dads. They battle the monsters that live under the bed, scare away boys, and embarrass you in front of girls. A guy that can do all of that doesn’t deserve a cliche gift like a tie. Here are some gift ideas for all the great dads out there!


The Perfect Match

Nothing is quite as adorable as wearing something that’s dad inspired. Maybe you can cheer and jeer together while representing his favorite team during the FIFA World Cup. Perhaps you’ll wear cowboy boots to dinner because your dad refuses wear anything else. While it’s super cute with young children, it turns into a hilarious ordeal with older ones! They say that imitation is the greatest form of flattery. It’ll be a great story to share and be an awesome bonding experience!




His Day, His Games

Whether your dad is into video games, sports, or nature strolling, take part in his favorite activities! Don’t worry about if you’ll be able to keep up. Just have a good time and he’ll have a good time too! The point is to do something for him and he’ll appreciate your thoughtfulness. He gets to do what he loves, while spending time with the people that matter most. It’s a win-win! 



BadGift_maleIt’s Not Always About Needs

Adult life has a lot to do with compromise. Vacation may turn into a “staycation” and car payments may trump concert tickets. This father’s day, forget about what he needs and give him something that he wants. That’s not to say you should throw your entire life savings into buying him his own private island, but rather something your dad has had his eye on and hasn’t been able to get for himself. Maybe he’s been wanting a set of new golf clubs, a new G-Shock watch, or a seven-course dinner. Show that you’ve been paying attention, even though he’s been busy.


Man-in-hammockLazy Day

Sometimes parents spend all of their time working. Even weekends can be full of planning, visits, and school events. Is your dad a busy bee? Maybe he just needs some R&R! Seriously, who wants to say “no” to a nap and not doing the dishes? Try giving him a day where he does nothing. No chores, no worrying about the bills, no anything. Just a relaxing day at one his favorite hangouts, at home, or a spa. The only worry he should have that day is whether or not he wants dessert after dinner.


Man-Choosing-ShirtThe Dad Shirt

Shirts are go-to gifts for dads and we’re always talking about the differences between fashion and style. While there are things out there that look like “dad” shirts, your dad deserves something that really matches him. For example, if he’s the type to roll up those sleeves and get down to work, don’t get him something where he has to monitor how much he sweats. If he’s a 7 Diamonds guy, but doesn’t like polos, stay away from a polo. Get him something that truly fits his style and not yours or anyone else. 



Let us know if you have any gift tips and tricks you’d like to share. We’d love to hear from you! Happy gift hunting!


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Father’s Day Tips and Tricks

Buying gifts for Father’s Day can be a little tough sometimes, but dad deserves it! He’s the man who’s always on his feet playing superhero, or cheering for his favorite sports team, or scaring boys away from their little girls. Need a little help for some gift ideas? Here are a few things that can help make your gifts-for-dad quest a whole lot easier!

Skip the Tie

Ties can be sharp and stylish or hilarious and cheesy. Either way, gone are the days where giving your dad a tie for Father’s Day was good idea. Think about, will he ever use it? And how often? If your dad isn’t much a tie-wearer, skip to something else.



Watches are the ultimate accessory for men because it’s completely functional and just happens to look stylish.  Whether it’s an vintage-inspired pocket watch, a sporty watch, or a chronograph watch, there’s one out there to match his style. Want to make it more personal? Get it engraved with a special message.




Gizmos & Gadgets

This is a huge and vague topic, but there’s a very important thing to remember. If you’re buying a piece of technology for your dad, remember that deals are not always steals.  You want the product to be good quality and not fail on the first couple of tries. If anything, try to get as specific as possible. If you can trick him in telling you the make and model, you’re in the clear!



After a day of wearing boots or dress shoes or whatever he works in, there’s nothing like coming home and kicking off shoes to relax. Why not get him some comfortable slippers? That way, his feet can relax the whole time and be shielded the sun or the air conditioner.




If All Else Fails, Feed Him

Seriously, who says ‘no’ to food? Take him somewhere he’s been wanting to try, or take him to an awesome all you can eat buffet, or make his favorite foods for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. In other words, a full tummy is happy tummy!


Have any ideas, tips, or comical stories for Father’s Day? We’d love to hear them from you!


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