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New at Designer Studio: Camper

Camper_logoFounded in Spain in 1877, Camper’s legacy has thrived on their quality products and their innovative designs. With a strong passion for design, they’ve branched out to other projects like the hotel business! Their style is for those who appreciate classic looks with some unconventional twists. Here are some examples of classic styles made with Camper influence.

17665078-RECUERDO HENNA(1-base-thumbnail-centered)

Camper® Men’s Peu Slip-on in Tan


Camper® Men’s Romeo in Black

The Peu is a slip-on sneaker for men that’s made of leather and recyclable materials. It also has a specific shape that separates it from the rest. With the odd shape of the foot in mind, the shoe is molded so that your feet naturally fit.

The Romeo is a boot that takes influences from a rugged desert shoe and a classy oxford shoe. With sleek styling, it was created with a vulcanized rubber sole. In other words, it has sophisticated style, but has the comfort of a sneaker!

Want to check out more Camper items? Head over to the Designer Studio website for new brands and items!

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DS Behind the Scenes: Photo Shoots

We can’t always do photo shoots, but when we do, we take off our retail/e-commerce hats and we become stylists, coffee runners, and interior decorators. Here at Designer Studio, we believe that our customers should always be able to see what’s new and what clothing looks like on a real person. Women’s dresses look very different on a still mannequin, folded jeans don’t look like what men’s jeans are supposed to look like, and hangers don’t really show you how high collar jackets can wonderfully frame the face. Here’s a sneak peek at our crazy photo shoot mornings!

If you’ve been to our California store, you can see that everything is organized and has its place. When we shoot, we work some serious magic. One minute, we’re a store. The next minute, we’re a set!

IMG_5963_edit  1

Our shoots always start very early, but at least one of us gets to have their hair done…


We pick and sort through a lot of trendy clothing and shoes before we shoot. With shoes, we aim to grab a few different options, but we always end up with a whole lot more. It happens every time! There’s nothing wrong with having at least 10 pairs of fashion sneakers, right?

5  4

Our photographer, Carlos, guides our models into the poses we need. Don’t underestimate posing for the camera! Being still is pretty much the last thing we’re asking from them. We tell them to be natural in some kind of position that’s completely unnatural in the real world. It’s all about working angles.

behind the scenes 3  15

9  behind the scenes

Plus, there are the lights. One thing is for sure, the models are troopers for enduring a lot of flashing lights so early in the morning!

behind the scenes 5

In between photos and wardrobe changes, there’s also a lot happening. Our models get in and out of outfits like superheroes and all without messing up their hair or makeup. A whole new hairstyle happens in minutes and touch ups on the set are lightning fast. If your interested in modeling for us, we’re always looking for fresh new faces! Designer Studio casting calls go on year-round, and we’d love to hear from you.


behind the scenes 2

When we finally wrap up the shoot, we head straight upstairs to our DS office and start processing the photos for our website. We get excited when we get new  items for our stores and we hope you do too! Go ahead and browse our blog and website for our newest items. It’s updated regularly and you can find something for any style. Leave us a comment, like us on our Designer Studio Facebook page, or stop by one of our Designer Studio store locations!

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Newsletter Gift Card Winners!

$100 Gift Card WinnersCongratulations to our 100$ gift card winners Yariza Ramirez, Aimee Boudrow, and Wendy Ramos! Winners, please keep your phone nearby and keep a lookout for us in your e-mail. We will be contacting you shortly to give you your prize!

For the past few weeks, we had a raffle going on at all our current Designer Studio store locations. Customers came by one of our store locations in California or Texas and signed up for our newsletter to win a $100 gift card. The contest was also available online via our website at www.designerstudiostore.com.

If you missed your chance this time around, don’t worry! Follow us on Facebook, our blog, or sign up for our Designer Studio newsletter for more upcoming contests, raffles, and events. Some are local and some are company wide so make sure you stay tuned!

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Material World: A Breakdown of Everyday Fabrics

ssTshirtTag_FrontEver wonder what’s the best material to wear for hot sunny days or those chilly nights? Here’s a breakdown of some common fabrics that can help determine what you’ll be wearing tomorrow!

Cotton: Versatile? Yes. Will it keep you dry? No.

Ah, cotton. The friendliest of the materials. It’s soft, breathable–and absorbent. For some reason people have been mislead to believe that cotton “wicks” away moisture. “Absorbing” moisture is not at all the same as “wick away” moisture. Cotton doesn’t wick away anything. It simply absorbs. Drench a cotton shirt  in water or your morning coffee and it’ll be soaking wet for quite a while. Ask any fitness guru, outdoor explorer, or any expert who has to stay dry all day and they’ll tell you that cotton is the enemy. Cotton is great for a lot of clothing, just not when you are trying to stay dry.

Polyester: Keeping you dry.

If you want to stay dry, Polyester is where it’s at. Unlike cotton, it actually wicks away moisture. Polyester has low absorbency which allows moisture to evaporate quickly. That’s why most athletic clothing is made with it. Remember, this mostly applies to clothing that has been woven. A polyester shirt will keep you cool and dry, but a faux leather jacket that’s made of polyester will not.

Silk: The silly trickster.

Silk is luxurious, soft, and can be tricky to deal with. The tightness of the weave can vary how light or heavy it is, but one thing for sure is that it becomes particularly bothersome if you start to sweat in it. Our advice? Don’t wear it when it’s hot and humid outside or to the job interview of your life. There is nothing comfortable about clothing clinging to your skin. Also, since the material has a natural shimmer, wet spots are really obvious and stains are nearly impossible to remove. Save silk for special occasions, where there’s adequate air conditioning, or at least wear it with an undershirt.

Denim: All year round.

Denim is everywhere and can be made into anything from jeans to cell phone cases. You can find anything made of the stuff. Denim is great all year round, but it’s cotton based so it can stay wet for quite a while. If you want something a little lighter, look for a blend of materials. Otherwise, your best bet is to feel the heaviness and thickness of the denim to determine how hot or cool you’ll be in that garment.

Leather: It’s used for protection as well as style.

Remember, leather wasn’t always a fashion statement, but simply a rugged material that could take a beating. It’s used by anyone from cowboys, motorcycle groups, and city fashionistas and made into things like shoes, car seats, and exercise equipment. Leather is durable and heavy, but it can be made as stiff or as flexible as you need it to be. It’ll definitely keep you warm, so don’t try to play it off cool in the summer when you’re sweating a storm under your leather jacket.

Rayon/Viscose: Lightweight and breezy.

These materials are perfect for the warmer months because they’re so light. They may not wick away moisture like polyester, but they aren’t as absorbent as cotton.  The only issue to really look out for is how the material acts when you wash them. They can usually hold their own in the washer just fine, but it’s the dryer that may affect the size of your garment. We suggest to wash it like you normally would, but hang them up to air dry instead.

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Maxi Multi-Way!

Summer is all about skin: leg bearing, shoulder flaunting, sun-kissed skin. What if you’re sun burned and left to doubt the integrity of your sunscreen? What if you were too busy to shave your legs? What if you want a change from your typical shorts and sleeveless top outfit? A maxi dress can save the day.

The best part? It makes for an incredibly comfortable outfit that shorts or skinny jeans just can’t give you. A simple maxi dress is pretty versatile and can be as casual or dressed up as you want it to be. Eh, they’re not right for my body type — this is a lie. One big fat lie. So don’t believe it! A single item like a belt or a jacket can make these “intimidating” dresses conform to your body type. Whether you prefer a comfortable loose fit or something curve-hugging, something sleeveless or not, or something detailed or simple, changing up the look is super easy.

Don’t believe us? Check out the two outfits below that we made using Polyvore.


See? A change in accessories, handbags, or shoes turned a simple maxi dress into two very distinct looks. It can easily be dressed up or dressed down. Stylists and fashionistas will always vouch for having a set of great basics: plain tanks, classic solid v-necks, camis—you know, things that can be layered. A maxi dress (or skirt!) can be one of those wonderful things.

Try out mixing and matching 2 or 3 pieces around a maxi dress or skirt. You’ll be surprised how many different outfits you can make!



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Boat Shoes

Boat Shoes


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