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Virtual Fashion Design

Design Your Own Clothes or Own Your Own  Store!

Design Your Own Clothes or Own Your Own Store!

If you love fashion (which we know you do since you’re reading this blog right?), then a visit to an online social networking sited dedicated to fashion is a must-do on your list of new things to try this year. It’s called Fashion Fantasy Game, and it’s an awesome way to show the world you know fashion. You can also have fun chatting with other fashionistas and running your own store.

In this online game, you become the designer or store owner and make revenue with Fashion Buckz. There are many levels to the game, and it’s not only free to join, it’s also free to play. You can make your fashion designing easier by following their “Blah Blah Blog” tips, make new friends in the chat room, and take part in weekly design contests.

The game was developed by Nancy Ganz, fashion industry veteran and successful entrepreneur, who is the creator of HipSlip and the BodySlimmers/Nancy Ganz line. As a player of Fashion Fantasy Game, you can design and sell virtual fashions in a competitive online environment that gives you a taste of what life would be like as a fashion designer or store owner. www.fashionfantasygame.com

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