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Giving Back: Tom’s and Chooze

With the holiday’s right around the corner, gift giving is on everyone’s mind.  So with our more socially conscious lifestyle, what could be better than being fashionable and charitable to boot?  (pun intended, of course!)  TOMS shoes are really the hot fall trend right now, and not just because they look great.  Look around and you’ll notice that nearly every young adult is cruising around the mall or hitting the local coffee shops and hang outs with a pair of these ultra-comfortable, totally casual shoes in nearly every color.

When you purchase TOMS shoes or Chooze (made especially for kids and future mall-cruising teens) not only are you doing your wardrobe an awesome favor, you’re providing a brand-new pair of shoes to a needy child or helping a low income family.  After traveling to Argentina in 2006, Blake Mycoskie, the founder of TOMS shoes , saw a huge need for the kids who live there to have shoes for their bare feet.  So, the concept was created and now when you purchase your favorite pair of shoes, another one is given away.  One for One, as the brand’s motto states.

Chooze, fashionable footwear for youngsters, are even more adorable!  Colorful and creative, we think these shoes are an absolute must have for mini-fashionistas.  For every shoe purchased, Chooze invests 100% of its profits at the end of the year (which is right around the corner!) into anti-poverty programs.  That means that you help single moms get a chance to go back to school or get a good job, and their kids get a chance to have a better life.  How cool is that?

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