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The Tree of Life

Castro-Limot Tree Of LIfeEvery few weeks, Designer Studio goes to the Castro-Limón foundation and personally gives them the money that the company was able to fund raise for them. As a result, children were able to receive cancer treatment. Take a look at the picture. See the tree in the background? It’s a symbol, a reminder, a message that a donation of any size can have a huge impact on someone’s life. The tree is adorned with little paper dolls that represent donations that were a minimum  of $300. Each donation helps the “roots” grow which strengthens the foundation and spreads hope.

Inscribed at the base of the tree are the names of those who have helped raise funds for Castro-Limón’s cause. Designer Studio is a proud contributor.  In store, we sell chocolates, bracelets, watches, and water, that directly benefit the Castro-Limón Foundation. We also take donations at the register and online. Click the donate button on our blog or check out our Castro-Limón page on our site and you can make a personal donation via PayPal. A little goes a long way, and a moment like this is worth it every single time.

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