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Making the Cut

We’ve entered into a new decade where it seems that anything goes.   You can be a hippie chick one day with your favorite wide leg jeans and edgy the next day wearing your skinny jeans.  How do you know what to choose from and what cut of jean looks best?  We’ve put together a mini go-to style guide to help you figure out what works best as we head into 2012.

Boot-Cut/Flare:  These are an excellent choice for anyone who is a little curvier than most.  They flare out just enough towards the bottom to balance out your hips. They also look great worn with heels, flats and of course, boots.

Best fit for: Women with curvy or full-figures, Men with an average size or husky frame.

Seen on:  America Ferrera, Seth Rogen


Straight Leg:  This type of jean falls straight from the hip to create a balanced look.  Like boot-cut jeans, straight leg jeans look great worn with heels, flats, and boots.

Best fit for:  Women with slightly curvy to full-figures, Men with small to average frames.

Seen on:  Blake Lively, Shia LeBouf


Skinny:  If your style is edgy, punk, or skater, skinny jeans are for you.  Form fitting and body hugging, they are perfect for tucking into boots or wearing with canvas skater shoes.

Best fit for: Women with smaller frames, Men with small to average size frames.

Seen on:  Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson


Wide-Leg: Create a hippie/boho look with wide-leg jeans.  They are great paired with wedge heels or chunky heel shoes for a retro look.  As their name suggests, they flare out wide as they fall down from the hip and sweep the floor at their length.

Best fit for:  Women of small-medium build, Men with small-average frames.

Seen on:  Katie Holmes, Rachel Bilson

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Jeans Style Globalization. Is Everything Fashion?

Everyone knows that jeans are a very unique invention. Coming from work outfit and becoming high fashion and must have item in any person’s closet. Designers from all over the world brought their ideas and design, washes and details, to make jeans a “masterpiece”. Year after year followed by biggest names in fashion world we call certain styles fashion. Any fashionista has at least one pair of boot cut low rise, jeans, boot cut high waist jeans, skinny jeans, straight leg jeans, boyfriend jeans….did I forger something. I am sure I did! Through the history jeans were modified countless times. Now, looking at latest designers creations I wonder what style of jeans is the most fashionable. Or maybe we came to the point of jeans style globalization?

Largest designer jeans companies now concentrate on the range of styles. For Example Rock & Republic every season present collection which include boot cut, skinny, straight leg jeans in multiple variations. Similar concept follows Joe’s Jeans company and presents line of fits and styles named “core basics” to satisfy any body type.

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