Transform Your Summer Clothes Into Fall-Ready Looks

fall fashion tipsThe Clothes Horse

It’s September and we are practically itching for fall to begin. Fireplaces, knee socks, chilly mornings, enveloping coats, and pumpkin-everything is calling our name. But don’t throw your tank dresses and jean cutoffs to the wayside yet! Fall fashion means there’s an opportunity for layers. Here are a few quick tips for how you can convert your summer wardrobe — or seamlessly transition it — to fall. 

Wear tights

wearing tights with shortsDulceida

Throwing on a pair of tights is the most obvious thing to do when temps drop. Sometimes it can even allow for you to wear shorter skirts than you did in the summer! Luckily, tights come in a variety of colors and textures, so choose a chunky knit or deep shade for the most interesting contrast to lightweight summer fabrics. Pro tip: Those strappy summer heels are so not ready for storage! We love them teamed with a colorful pair of tights in the winter.

Layer under your shift dresses

how to layer for fallSazan

Button-down shirts, crewnecks, and even crop tops work for this look! The result can range anywhere from business-casual to 90s trendy. Or, if throwback isn’t your thing, simply toss on a pullover sweatshirt on top of your dress and you’ve got a cute winter skirt to style how you like.

Try the same thing with your jumpsuits!

layering for fallNatalie Off Duty

We love a good turtleneck layered under a jumpsuit. The 70s flare-leg jumpsuit had its moment this spring/summer, and it shows no sign of slowing down. The added layer underneath is bound to convert it to a fall-ready staple.

Or, opt for skinny jeans

fashion blogger fall outfitElle May Leckenby

We suggest turning your shortest dresses into tunics and tucking them into your jeans. It’s an effortless sort of cool that adds a little something extra to your basic jeans-and-tee look.

Choose booties!

how to wear summer clothes in fallIt’s Nkenge

As if you needed another reason to love fall, ankle boots are back in stock everywhere in nearly every shape and color. Classic black is your easiest choice, but merlot is the dark horse you just might want to try this fall. If you ever doubt the versatility of ankle boots, check our visual guide to wearing booties on any occasion.

Add socks to your strappy heels and flats

fall fashion trendsRetro Sonja

Not quite ready to let go of your t-strap sandals and cork wedges? There are an abundance of cute, frilly socks that are a perfect match for the summery silhouettes. Or, if you’re more into flats, we suggest nylon socks with espadrilles or oxfords. It’s classy and practical at the same time!

Bundle up with a scarf or beanie

fall fashion trends to try nowTrendy Taste

It doesn’t truly feel like fall until we take out our coziest accessories. Throw on scarves, beanies, earmuffs, you name it. It’s all about keeping our extremities warm, in the most fashionable way, of course.

Think outerwear with shearling

wear summer clothes in fallPeace Love Shea

From cardigans and shearling-lined jackets to wool coats and oversized parkas, your choice of outerwear for fall can be a difficult one. We’re head-over-heels for the shearling trend. Try it out on light-colored jackets (our preferred colors are camel, sand, and grey). Once you’ve got the perfect coat pinned down, it should be a cinch to pair with almost any kind of top.

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