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shy girl loud voiceAs the sun streaks across the Oregon forests, a girl is roaming over the moss-covered rocks and dried-up leaves. She’s something of a barefoot gyspy in the wind — ethereal, serene, beautiful. And she doesn’t care what you think about her loud prints or bare arms in the middle of winter.

We’re talking about Kacie Cone, the fashion-forward free thinker behind Shy Girl Loud Voice. Based out of Portland, her boho-chic style is accented by delicate duds, loose hair, and a bold smear of lipstick.

You’ll catch her in dresses and rompers long before you see her sporting t-shirts and jeans. The simplicity of jeans and picking out two items to complete an outfit is just not enough for her. She prefers layering necklaces, hats, and patterns galore. It’s like a tidal wave of fabric and shine seamlessly organized into a cohesive look.

Kacie, 20, will be spending the summer in Philadelphia as Free People’s Engagement Marketing Intern, and she could not be any more adorable in her enthusiasm for the position. She writes, “I’m so excited I can feel it in my pinky toes.”

It’s a match made in heaven, considering her exquisite knack for wearing beautifully flowing dresses and lace tops amid stunning scenery — running streams, rock-strewn shorelines, lush woods, you name it. Getting all dressed up and running away into the depths of the forest? That sounds like a dream. Of course, it helps that she has a photographer boyfriend with an eye to capture these moments so well.

kacie cone

kacie cone

Seriously, it looks like the photos have been torn from the pages of Vogue magazine. It’s a true treat for the eyes. But getting the shot is not always a cake walk for Kacie, who explains on her blog that oftentimes these pictures are taken in super cold weather. And yet, she insists upon backless, strappy dresses because winter fashions leave her feeling “uninspired.”

We can get on board with calling weather-appropriate outfits a myth, and not solely because we’re in Southern California. Like her blog description says, “[Wear] whatever you want, when you want to, no matter where you’re going or who will see you.”

What’s even more inspirational is that she refuses to fit into any style mold. By her rules, if you like a piece of clothing, there’s no such thing as saying “it’s not my style.” Try it on, check yourself out, own it. Don’t let anyone else decide what’s acceptable for you to wear, including fashion magazines and all-knowing trendsetters.

She writes, “It’s crazy to me that there are people who won’t mix neutrals or metals because someone told them that was a fashionista no-no. The only fashion rule in my book is to have fun.”

It sure looks like that’s exactly what she’s doing. From her cherry red knee-high boots to her calf hair clutch, she’s making it clear that she doesn’t care what anyone else thinks of her fashion choices.

red boots

fitting in quote

She explains that she spent most of high school trying to be perfect and blend in with everyone else, but now she strives for the exact opposite. She’d rather be the one in color, standing out from the crowd of black-and-white monotony. Along these lines, she shares some of her favorite quotes regularly to accompany her outfit posts. Here are some that made us feel invigorated, understood, and a little relieved.

“People will stare. Make it worth their while.” – Harry Winston

“Once she stopped rushing through life, she was amazed how much more life she had time for.” – Unknown

“If you do nothing unexpected, nothing unexpected happens.” – Fay Weldon

We were so obsessed with her style and motivated by her carefree attitude that we put together a few “Shop The Look” inspiration boards featuring items we carry at Designer Studio.

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wearing leather jacket

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wearing ugg boots

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Check out Kacie’s blog here.

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