If Taylor Swift Wore Keds Every Day

Taylor Swift is the spokeswoman for the Spring 2015 Keds campaign, and we think the brand couldn’t have chosen a better fit. She never goes out of style, and neither do these cute little canvas sneakers that have been in fashion since the 1950s. So we started thinking, what if Taylor paired her impeccable daily street style with these classic plimsolls all the time? It became clear, you can style Keds with literally any outfit and still look chic.

taylor swift keds commercial

Champion Basics in Dark Grey

The verdict: Taylor may have chosen the wrong shoes for the occasion here. Climbing on mossy rocks in heels? We’ll opt for Keds any day of the week. Plus, the grey classics would look oh-so-cute in coordination with her sporty Bill Murray sweater.

How you should style them: Slip into your bathing suit and your fave pair of Keds on a lazy Saturday morning. Layer a comfy sweatshirt and skater skirt on top and start heading for the beach. With the ocean breeze in your hair and cushioned soles at your feet, you just might feel up for a dip in the water.

Champion Originals in Black

The verdict: It’s no wonder she was named People’s Best Dressed star last year. Tay’s oxford heels complement her outfit perfectly. But what if she was headed to rehearsals and needed to be on her feet constantly? The Champion Originals would be best for all-day wear.

How you should style them: Imitate this ensemble in the office. Team the original Keds with a scoop neck top and a button-front skirt for a throwback vintage look that’ll keep a spring in your step.

Double Up in White

The verdict: Her delicate white dress, pearl headband, and bright red lips create a stunning color palette. We suggest she continue with the theme and try these platform sneakers for a fun, youthful look.

How you should style them: Heels are not your only choice of footwear for dinner with friends. These stark white sneaks would pair perfectly with a fit-and-flare dress and tonal accessories, just like Tay. And when your pals want to hit the bars later, you can be the only one not complaining about having to walk.

Double Up in Black

The verdict: Platform heels like these are something only Taylor Swift can pull off in such a casual setting. She could have picked these Double Up sneakers to continue with her all-black motif, and the thick platform would still give her legs that elongated effect.

How you should style them: If you’re heading to a concert or festival any time soon, try this one out. A comfortable tee, chic skort, and Double Up Keds in black will always be stylish. Added bonus: A few extra inches on the platform give you that much more height to see over everyone else in the crowd.

Champion Originals in Red

The verdict: Super sporty athletic shoes are obviously the right choice for strenuous exercise and running. But for a brisk hike (better yet, on paved roads), we would’ve liked to see Taylor sporting playful, bright red Keds like she has in the past.

How you should style them: When you just need to get out of the house and go for a morning walk, choose a colorful pair of Champion Originals. Pair them with a breathable tee and running shorts or yoga pants and you’ll be gearing up for leisurely strolls more and more often.

And, of course, there are times when Taylor Swift does choose Keds, and the styling is nothing short of perfect…

taylor swift keds photoshoot

Champion Originals in White | Champion Originals in Red

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