Coachella Fashion: What to Expect

There are only 23 days left until Coachella begins! We’re making a shopping list of essentials, carefully planning our outfits and combing through our iTunes library for the perfect desert playlist. If you’re not quite feeling the festival vibes yet, we’re here with inspiration. We’re taking a look back at some of our favorite fashion blogger outfits from Coachella last year and predicting what trends are going to rule the polo grounds in 2015.

From the flirty lace silhouettes to the heaps of fringe, these are the best looks you’ll want to emulate if you plan on braving the Indio heat come April.

coachella outfit

1. Lace

what to wear to coachella

It’s even better when it’s displayed in romper form (and accented by fringe)!

2. Did someone say FRINGE?

what to wear to coachella

coachella trends

festival fashion

Because no one can deny a cute dress/skirt or duster coat that sashays as you walk. Plus, it makes for photo gold.

3. Printed pants (preferably bell-bottoms)

coachella 2015 trends

This item of clothing is the most Coachella-y, meaning you probably wouldn’t wear it on every other occasion in your life. But the huge bonus to wearing loose, comfy pants like these is they prevent against grass rash.

4. Overalls

what to wear to coachella

The all-American, casual trend can be totally adorable if done right, and great for catching a breeze!

5. Crop tops

coachella fashion 2015

what to wear to coachella

We know, this trend is so over-done now that you’re completely tired of it. But festival season is the time for crop tops to shine, when the desert is so hot that even stripping down to bare skin doesn’t feel like enough.

It’s true, these looks are nothing too unlike Coachellas past — lots of hippie vibes, 70s-inspired silhouettes, and bold patterns. The only difference is these trends are more mainstream than ever, considering the 70s theme featured in countless Fashion Week shows and retail stores’ spring catalogs.

Check out our Coachella Survival Guide for tips and tricks to having the best fest ever! We reveal the things you’re going to be glad you knew before heading out for the weekend, including more fashion do’s and don’ts and what you absolutely need to bring with you to the festival.

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