90s Fashion: Who Wore It Best?

It’s no secret, 90s fashion trends have seen a revival in recent years. But we’re taking a look at a timeless pair of sneakers that never really needed a revival in the first place because they never went out of style. It’s the Keds Champion Originals in white.

In this throwback Thursday, we’re referring to some of our favorite female movie and TV actresses. These ladies style their Keds a variety of ways, from simple to cute and playful. You decide which look is for you.

Kelly Kapowski from Saved by the Bell (1989-93)

A chronic Keds wearer, Kelly knew her little white sneakers would be the perfect cap on a fun, flirty outfit. Whether pairing them with floral jeans, pencil skirts or denim cutoffs, Kelly’s ensemble was guaranteed to look super stylish. Not to mention, her voluminous, flowing hair made the best accessory.

DJ Tanner from Full House (1987-95)

The Tanner girls may not have had the fashion know-how of various other young TV children, but there was something charming about their simplicity. This off-the-shoulder top and coordinating wrap skirt styled with stark white Keds was a cute beach-ready look. As they got older, DJ still rocked fresh pairs of Keds, usually accompanied by slouch socks and oversized flannel.

Frances “Baby” Houseman from Dirty Dancing (1987)

OK, it’s not technically a 90s look, but we had to include this memorable scene in Dirty Dancing where Baby looked sexy and stunning in the simplest of staples. We’re suddenly feeling inspired to pull off a plunging tank sans any under support. As long as our crisp white Keds are securely tied to our feet and we’ve got ample dance space.

All of these throwback looks have a certain kind of appeal. But which do you like best? Vote below:

Which fictional character wore it best?

Kelly Kapowski
DJ Tanner
Frances “Baby” Houseman

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