The 6 Most Googled Fashion Trends of 2016

bomber jacket fashion bloggerThat Pommie Girl

Last year saw Google’s first-ever trend report, wherein the search engine documented which trends were in and out, according to search volume. As we reported, tulle skirts and jogger pants were all the rage in 2015, but now we’re about to witness a whole new wave of trendy clothing.

The search engine grouped its findings into three themes: military-inspired (think bomber jackets and biker pants), free-spirited (in line with the easy-going nature of off-the-shoulder tops and boho dresses), and ready-to-go (hearkening back to the effortlessness of rompers and bodysuits).

So which trends have the most staying power? Google identified the following as “rising stars,” which means they’ve seen a spike in interest over the past few months but that might not last.


off-shoulder top trendSouthern Curls and Pearls / Natalie Off Duty

The off-the-shoulder fit is clearly adaptable to any silhouette, size, or activity (both formal and casual). From dresses to tops in a wide range of colors and patterns, this trend is an obvious favorite among fashion bloggers. Though working the shape into your fall wardrobe might be tricky, we bet a whole lot of people are going to try.


how to style bodysuitMy White T

Bodysuits and bralettes proved to be rising stars in their own right. We think this is mostly due to the ease and comfort of knowing everything is tucked in place as you go about your daily activities. Also highlighted in this category for the U.S. market: the lace-up front. It’s subtly sexy and on-theme with fashion’s recent 70s craze.

Bomber jackets

bomber jacket stylingTobruck Ave

The search engine also predicted “seasonal risers,” which are seasonal trends that are likely to come back into the fashion spotlight even stronger than before.

Particularly, bomber jackets are coming back in style in a big way. Thanks to Gigi Hadid, they’re especially favored as a layering piece over gym clothes post-workout. But as you’re transitioning between summer and fall, it’s always a good idea to have lightweight layers on hand. That’s what makes a stand-out bomber jacket (in any color, from black to pink to olive) so perfect for wearing over everything from summer dresses to chunky knits.


how to wear romper jumpsuitMargo and Me

The report also noted the increasing popularity of rompers and coatigans (a coat/cardigan hybrid). Last year, we focused on white jumpsuits for their clean, swanky appeal, but this year, embellished and floral rompers are the perfect choice for any event or season. Thanks to accompanying search terms, it’s obvious this one-piece can be sexy or cute, dressy or casual, no matter your age.

Biker pants & Ripped jeans

biker moto pantsThe Ivory Lane

google trend ripped jeansGal Meets Glam

On the other hand, Google points to certain items it considers “safe bets” — both because they’ve seen growing interest and because they have seasonal potential to come back. For 2016, biker pants (skinny-fit trousers with ribbed and moto elements) and ripped jeans are looking to be a pretty solid choice.

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