We All ♥ Lacoste!

On the court or off. Shoes, sneakers and casual shoewear. Lacoste delivers fantastic comfort and quality … and surprisingly awesome, on trend styling!

See for yourself how this classic, traditional brand stays way ahead of  times and trends in this video of the Lacoste Berlin launch party for their Legends line. Trust us – Lacoste + Berlin = a banging party! (All they’re missing for a truly amazing time is some of our incredible DesignerStudioStore customers.)

Did you watch it? That’s the kind of cool you’ll enjoy when you slip on Lacoste women fashions, Lacoste men’s styles or Lacoste kids shoes!


Of course, we’re happy and proud to say you’ll find the best selection and prices for Lacoste Brand – and the easiest online shopping experience – right here, at DesignerStudioStore.com

Check out, women, Lacoste shoes like the Lacoste Ekani, Shura, Swerve  and Aven series. Here’s a simple link to all of our Lacoste women sneakers and thongs. In every shoe, Lacoste provides excellent breathability, support and comfort and increased shock absorption to keep your feet comfortable even when you’re at your highest performance level.  The Carnaby all white, retro-inspired sport shoe keeps the traditional style seen in classic tennis shoes and the “croc” logo on the side adds that extra bit of fashion. The Carnaby is available in both a men’s and women’s shoe.

Same goes for Lacoste men’s sneakers, shoes and casual footwear. Find our outstanding collection here. Future, Protect, Shura, Carnaby – these are fashions that men can wear day and night.

And let’s not forget Lacoste kids shoes. Your grown-up self can appreciate the quality and care that’s built in to Lacoste toddler, infant and junior shoes. And your forever-young self will adore the styles! Check out our Lacoste kids shoes here!

Be it a comfortable, high performance shoe for your next match, a daytime shoe, or something to wear out to your next crazy-cool launch party (ha!), we’re here to tell you that Lacoste is an excellent choice.

See all Lacoste sneakers at Designer Studio Store.

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They’re here! Limited Edition Silent Leather Jackets by Affliction

We are psyched to bring you Affliction’s newest and hottest item: Limited Edition Silent Leather Jackets from their Black Premium label.

Sexy Affliction styles are inspired and beloved by the world’s hardest rockers and most extreme athletes. It’s been that way since they launched back in August of 2005. Affliction exploded on the fashion scene with their in-your-face clothing/art urging buyers to “Life Fast, Die Young.”

In 2010, the brand is hotter than ever, and we are so jazzed to bring you Affliction’s latest must-have: Limited Edition Leather Jackets from their Black Premium label. Hand Numbered, Hand Constructed and made of 100% Textured Tan Cowhide Leather. Featuring an Inside Pocket, Red Inside Skull Print and Antique Silver Buttons. Check it out today!

Nick Lachey, Kate Beckinsdale, Rob Zombie, Josh Barnett, UFC Fighter’s Chuck Liddell, Magician Criss Angle, legendary Ozzy Osbourne – this is but a tapas taste of  celebrities who consider Affliction a fashion standard. How about you?

If you’re not rocking the Affliction brand yet, we suggest you begin with the Authentic Affliction Leather Jacket – a must-have for the authentic fast-living, extreme, rock’n’roll, trend-setting fashion leader in your life.

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Cool Shades of Style with the Unmistakable Armani Edge

At one red carpet event after another – and in their private moments, too – the world’s hottest stars choose A|X shades. Today, we’ve got them for you!

Hey everyone – it’s time to get your summer chic on! And the coolest way to protect against the hot summer days is found in our sizzling new selection of Armani Exchange Sunglasses. Rimless, Aviator, White and Bright, Oversized and Sleek, Futuristic and Classic – we’ve gathered the best of the best and priced them just for you! A|X is where Giorgio Armani translates his sensual and unique style in a casual, yet sophisticated collection for the young, urban and sexy.

Just how cool is Armani? The proof is in the celebrities. Today celebs consider Armani a fashion staple. Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, Russell Crow, Cate Blanchett, Jessica Simpson, Kim Kardashian and Jamie Fox to name but a few. Oh, and get this: Megan Fox (Armani underwear model extraordinaire and recently an Armani bride) rocked A|X shades on her honeymoon this summer.

Interesting little factoid about celebrity endorsements: Back in the 80s, Armani was one of the first designers to reach out to stars. Before that, actors and actresses didn’t do much advertising or promotion because it was thought to be too crass and unworthy of their special talents. Boy, have times changed, and aren’t we glad they have! By watching what celebs wear and endorse, regular folks can see what fashions are new and fantastic, and which ones are right for them. And here at DesignerStudioStore.com, we’re so happy to offer them to you in terrific selections at great prices.

Which brings us back to Armani A|X shades. Click on over now and find the style that’s right for you!

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Lacoste Sneakers for Summer – Smart and Stylish

Did you know this unmistakable little green Lacoste Crocodile first appeared on sneakers back in 1963? Or that in the same year, company leader Rene Lacoste invented the world’s first steel tennis racquet? Clearly these dudes know their sneakers! So we thought it was important to bring them to you, dear customer. From straps and laces, to black and white with accents, for men, women and kids, find the pairs that are right for you in our terrific new lineup of  high quality, high style sneakers by Lacoste.

Lacoste  built its name on quality and comfort, and today they’ve added awesome unique styling, too. We love the look of  Rouhanne, Ekani, Shua, and the Classic Meryon Lace for women. We think men look classic and sexy in Carnaby Carnaby, Futur Lux and Swerve.  Lacoste even takes care of putting your kids in high fashion, highly comfortable shoes with looks like Shua Golf Strap and Swerve.

We could go on – but you get the point. Lacoste sneakers are a summer essential. From straps and laces, to black and white with accents, for men, women and kids. Here’s a link to look at them all, so you can find the pairs that are right for you. We hope you enjoy our terrific new lineup of  high quality, high style sneakers by Lacoste.

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New Christian Audigier Collection, Summer 2010

From the creators of Ed Hardy, Smet and Von Dutch, Christian Audiger clothing line amazes us with design and style. Christian Audigier turned world of t-shirts upside down! Now everyone knows famous colorful rhinestones t-shirt for men, women and kids. Christian Audigier signature is recognizable all over the world.  This summer 2010 Christian Audigier surprises us again with new twist and completely new Christian Audigier look.  This collection features clean and stylish tees with minimal rhinestones design but maximum sophistication. New Christian Audigier mens fashion tees will be available at Designer Studio in June 2010, just in time for hot summer days!

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Shoes For Any Season – Sneakers, Deep In Our Hearts!

In the world of footwear with millions of roads, sneakers like a major freeway. From athletic to fashion, sneakers can be worn even with suites, like, for example, selected Hugo Boss shoes. Sneakers are great for any season, any occasion, and the most important, they are so comfortable to wear! One of the most famous brands with amazing selection of sneakers is Lacoste, who managed to bring athletic shoes to the different stage on fashion runaway. Lacoste shoes are stylish, different from season to season, made “with love” and care.

Creativity don’t stay still and designers began to use different material instead of making plain leather or fabric sneakers, like for example UGG Australia created Corbin shoe with sheepskin insole – what else will bring maximum comfort to your feet?:)

Another twist was noticed in True Religion sneakers collection where you can find shoes with combination of leather, suede and nylon, like True Religion Dana Nylon sneakers.

World of fashion moving fast, world of sneakers runs like a champion!

True Religion


Hugo Boss


Ugg Australia

True Religion

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Designer Studio Video – Summer 2010

Designer Studio proudly present new video!

Video tour of our store in fabulous San Diego. Summer 2010 collections from 7 Diamonds, Ugg Australia, joe’s Jeans, Lacoste, True Religion, Rock & Republic, 7 For All Mankind, A Kurtz, Affliction, Hudson, Hugo Boss, Creative Recreation, Projek Raw, Steve Madden and many more…


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What Your T-Shirt Is Talking About?

We love wearing jeans and t-shirt – simple, comfortable, can be worn pretty much any day of the week and to the most of places we go. Someone said – average person have about 5 times more t-shirt then jeans….very logical. We change t-shirt and it seems like new outfit. For a lot of the people t-shirt is a way to make their own fashion statement of the day.

Times of plain t-shirt are gone. Now you can find them in the store’s sleepwear department, and this is not surprising. Through the years creative minds brought millions of t-shirts ideas, and it seems like every designer was trying to tell us something on the tee. Well, we got the message and if it fits us and our style – we put it on.
Another direction taken by t-shirt designers is colorful printed tees with a lot of details. These tees have become very popular in the last few year.  Everyone knows names such as Ed Hardy, Christian Audigier, Affliction and Red Monkey who makes unforgetable statement with every tee. These t-shirt capture in your memory and that exactly what we need – to be memorized!

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Look Fashion Or Look Unique? How To Avoid Style Plagiat?

Season after season fashion gurus draw our outfits, choosing colors, materials and even makeup and hair styles. With variety of designers and their own creative directions fashionistas have many options to go for. But as noticed every season there is this “one thing”, we know is the greatest invention and we have to have it! So it gets done buy many brands with their own interpretation, advertised all over the planet, and then guess what?… sold to millions of people. This is fashion, but don’t we want to look unique as well?  By the end of the day, what make certain item fashion? – Publicity or the fact that you see this piece on every second person around you?

Another side of the story is when people look unique. And we think something is unique because we didn’t see it before, so that means it wasn’t “approved” by media. I am sure you agree, that a lot of people follow by “what Vogue said”, and will call this unique item or outfit tasteless. What are you thought? How to balance between being fashion and being unique?

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Jeans Style Globalization. Is Everything Fashion?

Everyone knows that jeans are a very unique invention. Coming from work outfit and becoming high fashion and must have item in any person’s closet. Designers from all over the world brought their ideas and design, washes and details, to make jeans a “masterpiece”. Year after year followed by biggest names in fashion world we call certain styles fashion. Any fashionista has at least one pair of boot cut low rise, jeans, boot cut high waist jeans, skinny jeans, straight leg jeans, boyfriend jeans….did I forger something. I am sure I did! Through the history jeans were modified countless times. Now, looking at latest designers creations I wonder what style of jeans is the most fashionable. Or maybe we came to the point of jeans style globalization?

Largest designer jeans companies now concentrate on the range of styles. For Example Rock & Republic every season present collection which include boot cut, skinny, straight leg jeans in multiple variations. Similar concept follows Joe’s Jeans company and presents line of fits and styles named “core basics” to satisfy any body type.

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