How to Host the Best Oscars Party

The most star-studded night of the year is meant to be an event. We don’t just watch the Oscars, we make guesses about winners and yell at the TV when we’re wrong. So why not invite friends over to bask in this moment?

The 2017 ceremony begins at 8:30 p.m. EST/5:30 p.m. PST on Sunday, February 26. Red carpet coverage gets good around 7 p.m. EST/4 p.m. PST, so that’s when we suggest starting your shebang. Unsure how to host an Oscars party? We’ve compiled a helpful DIY-friendly guide, complete with games and printable ballots to get you and your friends in the awards season spirit!

✓ Send out a personalized invitation via text.

oscars party invitation 2016

We’ve created this simple party invitation to set the scene of glam and games. We suggest personalizing it to include your name and party address.

✓ Naturally, your guests should arrive on a red carpet.

oscars red carpet gifvia PopSugar

Whether you get serious and buy fabric from a party store or tape together pieces of construction paper, it’s the effect that’s going to make an impact.

✓ Decorate with glittering things.

oscars party swag bagKristi Murphy

Gold balloons, faux statuettes, and glittering string lights are fun additions. We also love the idea of setting up a photobooth complete with an Oscars backdrop and appropriate props (stars’ faces on popsicle sticks, etc). You can even hand out Oscars swag bags to really make your party memorable.

✓ Set up an Oscars-inspired menu.

oscars party food ideasPure Wow

Popcorn and flutes of champagne are a must. But if you’re really trying to wow your guests, create dishes inspired by this year’s nominees. Think homemade Mars bars for The Martian, brie grilled cheeses in honor of Brie Larson, a ‘Big Short’ rack of ribs, and maybe a bridge of fries as an ode to the Spielberg-directed thriller Bridge of Spies. The puns are endless.

✓ Provide official ballots for your guests to fill out.

oscars printable ballot

We created printable single-page ballots for 2016 in PDF form so you can print as many as you need! Download it here. Have each guest record their guesses and collect all ballots before the show begins. Whoever gets the most correct answers wins a prize, like a movie gift card or candy. (Tip: Have a tie-breaker question ready. In seconds, how long is Best Picture nominee The Revenant? Answer: 9,360)

✓ Pretend you’re a member of the fashion police.

oscars fashion police gif

Start your party during the red carpet pre-show and keep track of your favorite and least favorite dresses with our handy scorecards, made in printable PDF form. Rank a celebrity’s look based on styling, originality, and more. Review your scores before the ceremony begins and share your top picks with your friends. You’ll be the first to predict which celebrity wins best dressed.

✓ Play along with Oscar Bingo.

oscar party bingo gameHow About Orange

It’s a long telecast, so why not make every second count? This adorable printable bingo set is available for download here. There are 20 unique cards in total. Each features various events that are bound to happen throughout the night. Hand out a card to each of your guests and award a prize to the first person to score a bingo!

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