Cute Valentine’s Day Ideas for Him

valentines day gift ideasThe Blonde Salad

We know, some guys out there are hard to impress. And you’ve tried. You made this grand gesture and he didn’t elicit as much excitement as you had hoped. This Valentine’s Day, instead of throwing your money around for something grandeur, try one of these simply cute ideas for your sweetie.

A box full of sweet treats 

cute valentines day ideasA Beautiful Mess

Bake alphabet brownies that actually spell out how much you love him. These pretty treats will satisfy his sweet tooth and provide that fun surprise factor when he opens the box. If you don’t have alphabet cookie cutters or molds, try printing a stencil out and carving around it. The excess brownie can be enjoyed after you present your gift!

A recycled scrapbook of your memories

valentines day gift for himA Beautiful Mess

This scrapbook is not only earth-friendly (thank you, recycled grocery bags), but it’s also super simple to construct. Cut the paper to size, bind with masking tape, and start gluing in your personal memories! Highlight 10 things you love about him alongside 10 favorite pictures, and it’s a recipe for success.

A deck of love notes

cute valentines day ideas for himHannah Bunker

Pick up an old deck of cards and fill it with 52 reasons why you love him. Include things that are silly, simple, or serious. Print your thoughts on address labels for an extra easy way to apply each love note to the cards. It’s inexpensive and doesn’t require you to be too crafty, but it’ll show him exactly what he means to you.

Have an indoor picnic

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Guys are easy to please. So why not whip up some simple foods that you can devour together? Classic potato salad, finger sandwiches, and a bottle of wine are the ultimate picnic must-haves. Lay out a picnic blanket on the floor and use disposable kitchenware. You’ll feel like a kid again and the best part is you won’t have to leave home. (Complete your picnic with these free gifts from Sperry. Enter to win via our Instagram!)

Hats, essentials, & cute, punny jokes

cute valentines card for him pun valentines cardfunny valentines card valentines pun cards

Saxx underwear, Von Dutch hat, Hugo Boss socks, Goorin Bros. hat

Show your silly side. Gift him that snapback he’s been eyeing or a fresh pair of undies if he always seems to be running out. Tack on one of these printable Valentine’s puns and gain instant cool status. Because you really are nuts about him.


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