Coachella Set Times Announced

With only two full days until the festival, the Coachella gods are cutting it close, but the set times and stages have just been released for Weekend One!

coachella set times friday

coachella set times saturday

coachella set times sunday

Such a promising lineup was bound to create scheduling conflicts. When the acts were first revealed, we compiled a list of 10 artists you can’t miss at Coachella.

Unfortunately, Hozier and Yelle are performing at the same time. We’re playing with the idea of having a dance party during the first half of Yelle’s set at the Gobi and sprinting to see the end of Hozier’s show on the main stage. That way, we could hope to catch a live performance of “Take Me to Church.” But we know crowds can get cramped and difficult to navigate through quickly, so we’re trying to make a decision.

Or maybe you have a gap of time between your favorite acts. If you have a Spotify account, use their curated Coachella playlist that recommends artists based on what you already like.

coachella live stream youtube

If you’re not quite lucky enough to attend the festival, there is a live stream hosted on Coachella’s YouTube channel. Don’t miss a minute and bounce between stages, just like attendees do on the Polo Grounds.

Or, if you’re attending the fest, be sure to print the set times and take them with you because it’s always best to have a set list on hand, instead of relying on your phone. This fan-made printable pdf file is super helpful. Highlight your faves, make notes, and generally prepare yourself for three days of mind-blowing, good music. Also, don’t forget to brush up on our festival tips and tricks included in our Coachella survival guide.

We’ve already decided Jack White trumps any performer, definitely including Tyler the Creator. But aside from that, we need help settling on our final list! Leave a comment and fill out our polls below.

Which set would you see?

Which set would you see?

Alabama Shakes
Lykke Li

Which set would you see?

Milky Chance
Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness
Which set would you see?

Marina and the Diamonds
Jenny Lewis
Vance Joy
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