Cheap But Romantic Valentine’s Day Ideas for Her

cute valentines day giftsBy Lisa Linh

Whether you’re a hopeless romantic or hopelessly lost when it comes to Valentine’s Day gifts, we’re here to provide you with a few low-cost options that she’ll truly appreciate. As the saying goes, it really does boil down to the amount of thought and time you put into your gift for her. For new couples and those who know each other all too well, these romantic ideas are foolproof.

A heart-shaped collage of your memories

diy valentine

This works best if you have a large stash of mini Polaroids. If not, you can get the same effect with regular images after editing to size using Photoshop. Print and glue your photos onto a canvas backing. The heart shape doesn’t have to be perfect — try the pixelated look or a more messy one, whatever works for you. The final result is guaranteed to be her favorite conversation piece in the house.

A jar full of personal messages

valentines ideas for

Grab a simple jar and decorate it yourself or purchase one from Kind Notes. Whichever route you choose, make sure to personalize the notes. You can write 15 so she’ll open one a day until the end of February, or write 31 to last one whole month. If the message comes directly from you, in your handwriting, it will feel super special.

Plan a scavenger hunt

romantic valentines day ideasMister B and Me

Write clues and place them in envelopes around town. Or, if that seems risky, hold all the envelopes and only unveil a new one whenever you reach/leave a destination. Include a mix CD in one or her favorite candy in another. You don’t have to go anywhere groundbreaking — lead her to some of your favorite places and it will seem that much more sweet.

Shoes, accessories, & sweet, punny jokes

punny valentines day card valentines day printable cardsvalentines day pun cute valentines funny puns

UGG Australia rain boots, Keds sneakers, TOMS booties, Desigual bag

Clothing may seem like a slightly boring gift, but not when they’re accompanied by punny cards! You’re head over heels in love with her. Get it? It actually might not matter if you get her a pair of heels as killer as the one pictured. Take your pick of these quirky, printable cards we crafted. You’re bound to get a guffaw when she sees how silly you are at heart.

If all else fails, make her pancakes

valntines day recipesA Beautiful Mess

Set your alarm to get up before her and whip up a pile of pink pancakes. (Or maybe red velvet?) Display them beautifully on a serving tray and surprise her with breakfast in bed. Simple and mostly traditional, but who can be disappointed in the face of colorful, delicious pancakes?

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