5 Easy Last-Minute Halloween Costumes for 2016

most popular halloween costumes 2016

Since Halloween parties are creeping up on us this weekend, if you don’t already have a costume, you’ll want to choose something that’s easy to pull together last-minute, but still shows that you’re creative and trendy.

What better way to do that than take influence from the most major pop culture moments that have happened since last Halloween? There were a whole lot of girl power moments on the big screen and small, including the leading lady who put the force in all of us in the newest Star Wars installment, one little girl who dominated Netflix’s insanely popular Stranger Things, and the female-fronted cast for the reinvention of Ghostbusters.

Feeling inspired? Read on for tips on how to recreate these looks accurately, yet simply.

1. Stranger Things‘ Eleven

stranger things costume

Our favorite leading lady this year just might have been 12-year-old Millie Bobby Brown, who portrayed Eleven in the Netflix original series Stranger Things. Not only was the show an instant classic, but Eleven was such a lovable character that we couldn’t help but want to honor her with her very own Halloween costume. Good thing she’s not too high-maintenance. You might even be able to entirely recreate her signature look with things you already own, including the trendiest piece in outerwear right now — a bomber jacket.

What you need:

  • A pink dress, preferably with a Peter Pan collar
  • A navy bomber jacket
  • Tube socks
  • High-top sneakers, like Converse
  • A bag of Eggo waffles (cook them in advance so you can snack on them throughout the night)
  • A nosebleed
  • A blonde wig or bald cap

2. Star Wars‘ Rey

rey star wars costume

If the force is with you this Halloween, try dressing up as the newest addition to the Jedi order, Rey. Though the costume looks intricate, this could be an easy one to pull off at the last minute if you’ve got a lot of beige garments on hand and enough expertise to craft three perfect hair buns (or, you know, just YouTube how to do it).

What you need:

  • A beige henley tee
  • Beige fabric to layer (heck, curtains could even work!)
  • Tan joggers
  • A belt
  • Gauze to wrap around your arms
  • Boots
  • Pony tail holders for that iconic hairstyle
  • Some kind of staff (an empty wrapping paper roll, anyone?)

3. A Ghostbuster

female ghostbusters costume

The female-fronted reboot of Ghostbusters made waves online among skeptical fans of the original and yet, the numbers don’t lie. The movie grossed $46 million during its opening weekend, and we couldn’t have been more excited to see so much in-your-face female empowerment. This iconic uniform is great for groups, but will be a total knock-out if you choose to wear it solo, too!

What you need:

  • A khaki jumpsuit
  • A backpack
  • Boots
  • A toy gun
  • Orange duct tape
  • A Ghostbusters symbol taped to your upper arm

4. Pokémon Go trainer

pokemon go costume for girls

You couldn’t go anywhere for the better part of this year without running into someone (figuratively and literally) playing Pokémon Go on their phone. As the most downloaded app in US history, we can practically guarantee there will be no shortage of Pokémon-inspired costumes for Halloween 2016. But instead of wearing a yellow tube dress and calling yourself Pikachu, think comfy and try out this DIY Pokémon Go trainer costume.

What you need:

  • A baseball hat
  • Workout leggings
  • Sneakers
  • A backpack
  • Fingerless gloves
  • A Pokéballs (paint an old soccer ball or even a cantaloupe!)

5. Zootopia‘s Judy Hopps

zootopia adult costume

True, the target audience for Zootopia wasn’t exactly adults, but the movie was so inspiring and full of positive messages about equality that we thought it would be totally appropriate to show your love for the film by dressing as the lead character, persistent little bunny Judy Hopps.

What you need:

  • A blue button-down
  • Blue jeans
  • A police vest and badge
  • Knee pads
  • Bunny ears
  • (or) If you own a police officer costume, wear that with bunny ears. Done!
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