10 Artists You Can’t Miss At Coachella

The dry desert air, the sun beaming against the metal stage rigging, you look up into the open blue skies to nowhere land. But softly in the distance, you hear a band tuning up their guitars and the steady roar of the crowd anticipating those first notes. It may only be January, but dreams of Coachella are already floating in our heads. With the 2015 lineup announced, everyone’s buzzing with excitement. If you were lucky enough to score a pass during the hectic on sale yesterday, you should start preparing now.

In particular, you need to start listening to confirmed acts and prioritize which you want to see most. Every year, there’s bound to be a schedule conflict between two artists where you’re left thinking, “Which band do I see?!” If it comes down to that, here are ten acts* who you should just say yes to.

*We figured you already know how awesome the headliners are, so this list focuses on those artists in smaller print on the lineup.

1. Lights

Canadian singer Lights creates songs with booming beats and celestial synths. Drawing inspiration from video games and the sci-fi culture, Lights has released three studio albums so far and each is a dream pop masterpiece. On the stage, she’s a force to be reckoned with, alternating between keyboard jam sessions, guitar riffs, and ear-piercing vocals you’ll gladly drown in.

2. George Ezra

With tracks like “Budapest” and “Blame It On Me,” English indie-folk singer George Ezra will surely gift the crowd with pleasant vocals and calming vibes. He’s still fairly new to the festival circuit, but appearances at V Festival last year and Christmas in Glasgow have prepared him to dominate the stage this April.

3. Marina and the Diamonds

Welsh singer-songwriter Marina Diamandis, better known as Marina and the Diamonds, has a pitch-perfect, ethereal voice that will put you in a state of euphoria throughout her performance. With two studio albums under her belt, and one to be released in 2015, her star power is rising by the minute.

4. Lykke Li

If you’re looking for a light-hearted, upbeat dance party, check out Swedish singer-songwriter Lykke Li. She made her musical debut in 2007, but has remained relatively absent for the past three years, at least until she returned last year with indie pop album I Never Learn. Singles “No Rest for the Wicked” and “Gunshot” are beautiful, poetically simple songs that prove the music was worth the wait.

5. Yelle

French electronic band Yelle are no stranger to the Coachella stage. Fronted by lead singer Yelle, a performance in 2011 was laced with rhythmic drums and playful synths. Even if we don’t understand most words that come out of her mouth, we feel something special dancing and grooving to the electro beats.

6. Hozier

Irish singer-songwriter Hozier is blowing up on the charts these days with his beautiful, lyrically-brilliant single “Take Me to Church.” Coming off stints on Saturday Night Live and the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, he’s sure to please crowds with his sensual voice and tracks tinged with Southern soul and garage blues.

7. Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness

Whether he’s fronting Something Corporate, Jack’s Mannequin, or Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness, lead singer Andrew McMahon knows how to captivate a crowd with piano-fused rock and passionate lyrics. Just don’t be surprised if you see him standing on his piano bench or stomping on the keys. All in the name of a good show.

8. Vance Joy

Even if you plan on catching Vance Joy on tour with Taylor Swift this summer, you may not want to miss this Australian singer-songwriter. You’ve probably heard his radio hit “Riptide” by now, but don’t hesitate to check out the rest of his setlist. “Mess is Mine” and “Red Eye” will have you singing and dancing the whole time.

9. MØ

Danish electropop singer MØ has a slew of complex, euphoric songs on her 2014 album No Mythologies to Follow. They can only translate into funky live performances that everyone will be talking about. Recently featured on an Iggy Azalea track, MØ is a singer you’re going to want to watch out for.


Indie-pop band HAERTS is made up of members from Ireland, England, and America. After much anticipation, their debut album dropped in October of last year. Hearing the songs laced with wispy vocals, bouncing electronic beats, and dreamy emotions will be a real treat.

There’s nothing left to do but cross our fingers that these acts’ performance times don’t clash. That information won’t be announced until about a week prior to the event. Listen to our pleas, Coachella gods.

See the full lineup here:

coachella 2015 lineupCredit: Coachella


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4 thoughts on “10 Artists You Can’t Miss At Coachella

  1. lorenzo

    good selection, like it ,

    Marina, great soul voice

    Yelle, great for Dancing

    Hozier good all around will now be on my personal List

    Thanks Caitlin

  2. lorenzo

    young and Old ……………. Lorenzo and Erick’s selection for this morning in the Store.

    who could believe it !!! after Amy whinehouse

    Lady Gaga sings with Tony Bennett.

  3. Erick

    Woow this post is very complete, thanks.
    I will totally go with marina and the diamond and Lights o and don’t forget Nortec progressive 100% made in Tijuana

  4. Madeline

    I find its sometimes better to check out some of the lesser known artists, as their shows are often more well manicured and emotional than some of the Headliners, who , well, theres no use denying it probably don’t care as much since they’re already famous.

    Nice list and Great Blog!

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