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New Brand: Rocket Dog


We have a new brand at Designer Studio: Rocket Dog. The brand is California based and started in 1997. Rocket Dog has a style where “pop culture meets subculture – with a twist”. They draw inspiration from the beach; so being based in sunny San Diego, we are more than excited to have them! Take a look at what we have so far!



Cyprus in Black


Cyprus in Natural













This canvas cutie is the Cyprus flat and we have them in black and natural. Its 2-piece shape is quite elegant, but the canvas makes it appropriate for casual occasions. The pointed toes really add some style compared to rounded toe flats. Don’t you think they’re perfect for shorts and summer dresses? We definitely think so. Ballet flats are essential for any style, and a new season requires some new additions to your collection!


We also received these bright beauties! They arrived at our stores just in time for spring!


Tia Cumulus Sandal in Yellow


Chandana Stampede in Yellow













The Tia Cumulus sandals have a cute cutout design, but what really stands out is the low-maintenance rubber footbed. Wear these and it’ll be guaranteed beach day! Make sure to stay updated with us. More women’s sandals will be coming in!

Finally, we have the Chandana Stampede flats. Again, the pointed toe really adds some style and looks particularly amazing with the weaving detail. Get your pastel pants and floral tops ready! These flats are aching to be paired with them!

We’re thrilled to have Rocket Dog, so stop by our one of our physical store locations or our online store to check them out. We’re just warming up for the new season, so stay tuned for new brands and styles coming your way!

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Spring Style Tips: Mixing Patterns


Ami Menswear Spring 2014:

A favorite spring trend for men and women is to be dressed in patterns from head to toe! Stripes will meet florals, demask may dance with plaid, and animal print will play in geometric jungles.  Mixing patterns may seem overwhelming, but it’s all about balance. Follow these tips and rock those bold patterns for Spring and Summer 2014!


Patterned Bottoms

If mixing a bunch of patterns seems too aggressive, start out subtle. Try out patterned pants, shorts, leggings, and skirts. It’s a nice break from standard blue jeans and black leggings, and styling them is easier than you think! You can start with solid colored tops. If you’re feeling particularly daring that day, wear brighter colors or add a solid jacket. It’s simple, bold, and very chic.















*LEFT:  Just USA® Flower Print Skinny Jeans in WhiteYa Los Angeles® Shoulder Cut Out Top in CherryDex® Sleeveless Studded Top in Black 

**RIGHT:  7 For All Mankind® Pieced Skinny Jeans in Art Nouveau JacquardAngie® Style But With Buttons Top in IvoryAngie® Bronze Studded Sheer Top in Mustard


Stick With a Color Palette

Once you’re comfortable with styling patterned bottoms, you can mix in more colors and patterns up top. They can be as outrageous or as muted as you’d like, but for a cohesive look follow a theme of colors. More is not necessarily better! Using 2-3 colors is good range to start out with.

mix pattern 1

Spring 2014 Vanessa Bruno:


Andrea Pampilio Menswear Spring 2014:

mix pattern 2

Spring 2014 Donna Karan:


Remember, the more that’s involved, the more complex it gets. While it’s not necessarily a bad thing, it just makes it a bit trickier to put an outfit together


Spring 2014 Stella Jean:


Thom Browne Spring 2014:















mix math print

Heidi Klum, Olivia Palermo, and Jennifer Hudson
Image Source:

Size Matters

Take a look at these lovely ladies. Heidi’s horizontal black and white stripes are two very distinctive sizes. Olivia’s top has a much larger floral print than her skirt. On Jennifer’s outfit, the dots are fairly small, but the leopard print is still much smaller and are much more dense in certain areas. The point of mixing prints and patterns is to flaunt the contrasts! If you’re using similar prints, make sure one is significantly larger than the other, or a different color.

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2014 Spring Pattern Names: Part II

Here are more pattern options for your 2014 Spring looks! Check out our earlier post on 2014 Spring Pattern Names for a more inspiration!

Plaid or Tartan

This is one of the most recognizable patterns out there! It’s simply vertical and horizontal bands that cross each other, usually in two or more colors. From holiday scarves to punk rock inspired pants, it’s actually quite versatile. Denim tends to be its go-to match, but it can easily be spruced up under a blazer. Actually, it looks pretty amazing as a jacket or blazer as well!

marco plaid

Marco wearing Landon Shirt by Third & Army®

Josell plaid

Josell in Starships Shirt by 7 Diamonds®

angel plaid

Angel in Buffalo David Bitton® Sivolt Shirt










angel damask

Angel wearing the Dinero shirt by Third & Army®


Spring 2014 Tracy Reese Collection:



Damask actually refers to how a piece of fabric is woven. However, it is commonly associated with this kind of pattern; a very stylized design with a mix of curls, flowers, and fluers-de-lis. You’ll see it as very large print or smaller spotted prints. It never really leaves fashion and design. While it’s a favorite among women, it can be refined to a masculine look as well.


harlequin tights

Spring 2014 Motonari Ono:


Spring 2014 John Galliano:



Originally, the harlequin print signified jokers, jesters, and clowns on the theater stage. Today, it has become a fashionable print! With it’s theater background it’s widely available in a variety of colors. Don’t mix it up with argyle! Harlequin is made with diamond shapes, but they do not cross each other.



Gwen Stefani Image Source:



Houndstooth, Dogstooth, or Puppytooth (small version)

Originating in woolen textiles in Scotland, this pattern has become a favorite in all aspects of design! The pattern can be found on pencil skirts for the office, fashion high heel pumps, to a classy arm chair. It’s feminine, but not at all dainty and always manages to make a large comeback in the fashion world. It looks like a broken checkers pattern and, while available in a variety colors, it’s most recognized look is in black and white.


For more pattern inspiration, check our earlier post on 2014 Spring Pattern Names!

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2014 Spring Pattern Names

Ever see a pattern that you absolutely love, have seen hundreds of times, but still don’t know how to describe it? It’s particularly bothersome when you’re trying to look for it and Spring 2014 is all about showing off those patterns! Here are some pattern names to help you find your favorite trends and outfits.  Whether you’re looking for a new scarf or a new suit; it’ll definitely help make shopping much easier.

Chevron Stripes

chevron patterns

Image Source:

Elizabeth chevron

Elizabeth in an Angie® Chevron Dress











The “V” shape is a chevron that’s commonly affiliated with architecture, military insignia, and a certain gas station. However, it has now turned into a wonderful fabric pattern. Our favorite way to see them is on women’s dresses! The zig-zag pattern is played up in many colors, but the favorite tends to be in classic black and white.


Image of Chace Crawford:

TS argyle

Image of Taylor Swift:


This pattern has always had a type of “academic” reputation. It’s easily identified for it’s overlapping diamond shapes. Argyle is practically synonymous with sweaters and fancy socks, but they’ve easily been incorporated into chic dresses, tights, and other accessories! For both guys and gals, it’s an easy go-to pattern to dress up casual looks or to add a hint of color. With all the geometric trends going around, you can bet the Argyle will be in the mix.




Image Source;



With it’s Persian heritage, the pattern is usually intricately detailed. It’s very floral-like and can be seen anywhere from rugs to silk runway dresses. Whether it has two colors or twenty, the pattern is visually stunning. Its signature shape sort of looks like a leaf or a bent tear drop.




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Women’s Spring 2014 Fashion Trends

As 2013 came to a close, the fashion world was predicting the future. Fall Fashion Week took over style capitals of the world and revealed glimpses of 2014 Spring trends for women. There were things you would expect for spring: flirty frocks, flowing fabrics, floral prints, and pastel hues. Of course, there were some pleasantly bold surprises as well: clothing with geometric print, heavily structured dresses, and loud and proud colors. It’s still the season to cozy up while chilling out, but we’ve compiled the top 3 trends that we think will make it big this Spring.

1. The Return of Collars and Buttoned Downs


Model is wearing Anthony Vaccarello. Source: by Marcus Tondo


Natalia is wearing a Long Sleeve Sheer Top by Cecico®













Okay, so women’s buttoned down shirts and tops never really went anywhere, but a piece like an oxford shirt is constantly reinventing itself! People love putting fresh spins on classic pieces because it’s new, yet familiar enough for an easy transition. This coming spring we’re predicting to see these classic pieces being paired with bold printed skirts and pants, having contrasting cuffs and collars, and turned into wonderful shirt dresses. Basically, they’ve become something beyond a piece for pant-suits and office wear. For that, fashionistas everywhere are thankful!

2. Heavy Metal


Shaidelle is wearing a Sleeveless Sequins Top by Dex®


Model is wearing Salvatore Ferragamo. Source: by Yannis Vlamos













For Spring, you should expect more metal than ever. The runways were filled with shimmery skirts, heavy sequined jackets, and metallic patterned tops. Instead of relying on jewelry and shoes to provide that hint of metallic flair to your outfit, you might just want to be adorned with it. Silver, gold, and copper just may be stealing the spotlight this time around.

3. Color Me Crazy


Model is wearing Cushnie et Ochs. Source: by Marcus Tondo


Elizabeth is wearing the Naomi Dress in Algodon by Desigual®













If there’s one thing you can expect from spring it’s that shapes and colors go in full bloom. With that said, get ready for pop and fine art influences. Anything from bold text, to abstract brush strokes, to political pop art can expected to be making it’s way to wardrobes everywhere. We have one brand that’s been ahead of the game. Desigual clothing is all about pushing boundaries, playing up the color, and bringing contrasting ideas together.

What do you think will be the top trends for Spring 2014?

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Real vs. Fake UGG® Boots

UGG® Australia is famous for their plush footwear and their quality materials. When the cold rolls in, UGG® boots are a go-to favorite. With that said, there are people selling cheap fake versions. Don’t be fooled! We’re here to give you a few key tips on identifying fake UGG® from the real deal.

1. Flex


Photo Source:

This tip is geared toward the classic styles because they don’t have rubber soles. All Classic style UGG® boots are made with molded EVA outsoles which are durable, yet very flexible. If you come across a boot where the sole is stiff and won’t bend very easily; it’s probably a fake.

2. Pull it Apart


Photo Source:

Another tip for the Classic styles! Twinface sheepskin is simply sheepskin. One side is skin, the other side is fur. Fake boots will have a counterfeit double lining. Take a pinch of material from the outside. On the same location on the inside, take a pinch and gently pull both ends. If the material separates and you can feel or see a pocket form, then it’s a fake. UGG® Classic style boots are made with a single piece of sheepskin and should not separate like that at all.

3. Mind Your… Ankles?

fake ugg

Photo Source:

You may have seen it before. Some poor soul walking around in a pair of boots that are completely collapsing with every step. It looks as if they are walking on their ankles! Where’s the luxurious comfort in a boot that falls apart with every step? UGG® boots do not collapse like that. UGG® may have soft suede heel guards, but what’s underneath it is a durable counter; the part of the boot that wraps around the heel of your foot. Real UGG® boots will maintain it’s structure for both the integrity of the boot and for the comfort of your feet!


4. Authorized Retailer

When in doubt, check the list! UGG® Australia has a list of authorized retailers who have been verified to sell authentic UGG® Australia products in stores and online.  Designer Studio is definitely on that list and we’re proud to sell authentic UGG®!

For more information about counterfeit products, check out the official UGG® counterfeit page!

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Be Dramatic: UGG Australia’s Dreaux Boots


We’re featuring one of our favorite boots of the season: the Dreaux boots by UGG Australia! Class meets sass in this luscious leather boot that’s tall, sleek, and sexy. Here are a few reasons why they are a must-have buy of the season.

1. Quality Materials

Leather is luxurious, but can also be very stiff. Not with the Dreaux boot! The shaft is soft for the best comfort and mobility while the foot part features a firmer leather for durability and style. Inside, it’s lightly lined with plush sheepskin to give you that signature UGG Australia comfort that we all know and love!


2. Va-va-voom Height!

This boot is all about height. The platform is about an inch, the stacked heel is 4 inches high, and the boot shaft is a whopping 17.75 inches! The result is a tall and dramatic silhouette that’s achieved by drawing the eye up while slimming the legs. Since the lengthy illusion is based on the height of the boot rather than the height of the heel, you’re feet will be much more comfortable throughout the day.


3. Showing Some Leg Without Showing Them Off

Like your favorite pair of skinny jeans or a flattering fitted top, the Dreaux boots show off your shape without showing off much skin. It’s the perfect piece of footwear that matches nicely with winter outerwear and also makes dresses more wearable during the colder months! The overall look is very elegant with a hint of fierce attitude. Even though over-the-knee-boots are dramatic looking, they can actually be quite versatile. Get inspired by these celebrity looks!


Image Source:

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Shoe Parts That You Should Know

When you shop online for shoes, the description may throw in terms like “vamp” or “counter”. Shoes have quite a bit of terminology that can be confusing, so we decided to help you out. We didn’t list all the terms or all the shoe styles, but these are the ones you will most likely come across when shopping online.


The above image can help with other styles like sneakers for men and women. The construction is a little different, but the main parts are generally the same. Shoes with tall heels, like women’s high heels or high heel boots, have a very different shape and certain terms are more common, like “shank” and “breast”.


One last thing to note is that you come across the word “sole” it usually refers to the outsole. Remember, the outsole is the part that actually makes contact with the ground. Now that you have a better understanding of the shoe terms, get shopping and know exactly what you’re looking for!

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New at Designer Studio: Diba True


Diba® True Women’s Ram Sey in Black


Diba® True Women’s Ram Sey in Tan


Founded in St. Louis, Missouri, this brand is all about women living the real life. They have upgraded their materials and styling to create beautiful pieces that are both stylish and functional. So far, we have received some of their tall leather boots for women just in time for the fall season!

The boots shown here are the Ram Sey boots in Tan and in Black. They’re perfect for the fall season and made of supple leather. A full length zipper provides easy access, and a decorative full zipper adds some cool styling!

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