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Re-claim the Cardigan

With the ever-changing and unpredictable weather upon us in the latter half of the year, dressing thoughtfully is of the utmost importance. Considering multiple layers will help you to navigate the in-between season that confuses us all while we anticipate the full effect of fall that lies ahead. Cut yourself a break and pack on the light layers, which will give you the opportunity to shed or add as you need to maximize opportunities for style and comfort!

The comfy cardigan is a classic wardrobe essential that will make life a breeze in any season. Depending on the weight and fabric, these handy sweaters can range anywhere to ultra-bohemian and flowy, to structured and sharp, even to floor length and dramatic. You get to choose what suits your needs the best.

Near-sheer is always a crafty option to add that extra touch of taste to an ensemble on days when the summer seems to be lingering. You’ll give yourself a boost without weighing you down or getting too warm. There will be plenty of time for getting cozy later when the autumn weather is officially upon us.

grey cardigan

Don’t underestimate a lightweight sweater! Although some can be near-translucent, that doesn’t mean that they won’t make an impact. The right top layer can draw eyes from all directions. If you want your entrance into a room to not only be seen, but felt, try a long sweater that hangs to your calves or ankles. Even those extending just to the thighs can make a statement, and you’ll love the feel of the wind when you wear one of these impactful pieces.

white long cardigan

Look dapper with the details, such as a lining or complimentary button color. These little factors go a long way to broaden your spectrum of looks. Cardigans don’t always have to be super casual, and a more structured fabric with small, tasteful details can take your image to a whole new level of snazzy and smart.

Don’t forget the color! Of course, neutral greys, beiges and whites are always a safe staple in the realm of light sweaters; don’t be afraid to venture into the world of popping colors. A vibrant yellow or pink can be just the statement piece your outfit called for, especially if you tend to wear more neutral colors in your tops and bottoms. Have a little fun, and stack colors where you choose. They’ll add dimension to your outfits, and challenge you to pick and pair color combos.

blue cardigan

The most important thing to remember is that, although we can all carry on habits of reaching for our old hoodies and crew-neck pull-overs, there are so many different options for handling the brisk weather like a style-savvy, clever dresser. You’ll love the way you look, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how many people notice.

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