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Shoe Parts That You Should Know

When you shop online for shoes, the description may throw in terms like “vamp” or “counter”. Shoes have quite a bit of terminology that can be confusing, so we decided to help you out. We didn’t list all the terms or all the shoe styles, but these are the ones you will most likely come across when shopping online.


The above image can help with other styles like sneakers for men and women. The construction is a little different, but the main parts are generally the same. Shoes with tall heels, like women’s high heels or high heel boots, have a very different shape and certain terms are more common, like “shank” and “breast”.


One last thing to note is that you come across the word “sole” it usually refers to the outsole. Remember, the outsole is the part that actually makes contact with the ground. Now that you have a better understanding of the shoe terms, get shopping and know exactly what you’re looking for!

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New at Designer Studio: Diba True


Diba® True Women’s Ram Sey in Black


Diba® True Women’s Ram Sey in Tan


Founded in St. Louis, Missouri, this brand is all about women living the real life. They have upgraded their materials and styling to create beautiful pieces that are both stylish and functional. So far, we have received some of their tall leather boots for women just in time for the fall season!

The boots shown here are the Ram Sey boots in Tan and in Black. They’re perfect for the fall season and made of supple leather. A full length zipper provides easy access, and a decorative full zipper adds some cool styling!

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New at Designer Studio: Camper

Camper_logoFounded in Spain in 1877, Camper’s legacy has thrived on their quality products and their innovative designs. With a strong passion for design, they’ve branched out to other projects like the hotel business! Their style is for those who appreciate classic looks with some unconventional twists. Here are some examples of classic styles made with Camper influence.

17665078-RECUERDO HENNA(1-base-thumbnail-centered)

Camper® Men’s Peu Slip-on in Tan


Camper® Men’s Romeo in Black

The Peu is a slip-on sneaker for men that’s made of leather and recyclable materials. It also has a specific shape that separates it from the rest. With the odd shape of the foot in mind, the shoe is molded so that your feet naturally fit.

The Romeo is a boot that takes influences from a rugged desert shoe and a classy oxford shoe. With sleek styling, it was created with a vulcanized rubber sole. In other words, it has sophisticated style, but has the comfort of a sneaker!

Want to check out more Camper items? Head over to the Designer Studio website for new brands and items!

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Fall Colors: Rich in Brown

Now that fall is here, clothing colors will start to get darker, richer, and less pastel-y. Scarves and gloves are finally freed from the depths of the closet and jackets take charge of the wardrobe. Darker colors tend to take over the fall season, but there is one color that pulls its weight in every season. That color is brown–yes, brown! They say black goes with everything, but brown is a lot friendlier when it comes to mixing colors.

green brown outfit 2

Image from cw21013 on Polyvore


Imagine this outfit without the brown items. While the colors still go very well together, it would lack some simple contrast and would look incomplete. If the shoes and accessories were brighter the outfit may have ended up looking washed out. If the same pieces were darker, the colors would risk looking segmented and chopped up. Outfits are ensembles, not pieces! The brown ties everything together by adding the desired darkness without being overbearing. As a result, you get an outfit that’s light and well put together.



HO003-DARK AUBURN(1-edit)

UGG® Australia Women’s Classic Hobo in Dark Auburn

1010387-LIGHT BROWN(1)

Goorin Bros® Men’s Burbank Flatcap in Tan

Dark rich browns and lively tans are classic neutral hues that can roughen up or soften a look. As you saw in the first outfit, the brown brought the outfit together. Most of the time, the brown pieces will be shoes or accessories like a large leather purse for women or a trendy hat for men. Browns can add some life into darker combinations or enhance colorful ones by accenting the warm undertones. It can add color without adding too much color.

brown black outfit

Image from



This cozy black and cream outfit is a great example of brown playing up both darker and lighter colors. Black is the main color and has the potential to make the outfit very gloomy. However, the boots offer the right amount of contrast for both sides and works right in the middle! It’s dark enough to enhance the black, but it’s also light enough to play up the warm tones in the scarf and sweater.




B3222-DARK TAN(5)

Fred Perry® Men’s Vintage Tennis Leather in Tan


Diba® True Women’s Ram Sey Boots in Tan

Tall leather boots for women is a coveted favorite in the colder months and are always sold in black and brown. Men’s leather boots are also a favorite, but men’s brown leather sneakers are a great option for more relaxed styles. We love colors, but brown is the easiest neutral to play with; especially for footwear. If you look at the two previous outfits, both pairs of boots work their magic in a shade of brown.



Image source:

To have a direct side by side comparison, we pulled up this still shot of Leonardo DiCaprio (center), Joseph Gordon-Levitt (left), and Tom Hardy (right) from the 2010 hit movie, “Inception”. With DiCaprio and Levitt both sporting a similar brown leather jacket, you can compare how browns play with warm and cool color tones. Think about it this way; unless you’re going for a bold and loud look, most strong contrasting colors are for sport team logos and Lady Gaga. Everyday wear is more subtle and these two actors are wearing fine examples of it in brown. DiCaprio’s outfit is much darker and more “serious” looking, but note how it’s not completely masked out by another color.

Always remember that fashion is what you buy, but style is how you wear them! So the next time you find yourself stuck in a color rut, try playing around with brown. The color combinations may surprise you. Also, you can always start small with brown accessories to get a feel for combinations that you like. The more comfortable you get with mixing and matching colors, the easier it will be to style around larger pieces like brown blazers, pants, and dresses!



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