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Pink Dress Fashion

Miranda Kerr rocks the pink dress three ways

Spring and summer fashion is all about the flirty, the fun, and the feminine. Few items in your closet have the ability to make you feel instantly more like a girly-girl. Of those select few, though, nothing does it like a pink dress. This season’s shades range from the rosy to the hot, in lengths from demure to daring. Pair with pink or leather flip-flops, soft, natural make-up, and simple accessories and you’re instantly transformed into a blushing beauty.

Try a soft, flowing maxi in a dusty, earthy shade of pink to combine two hot trends – the pink dress and bohemian style. Choose simple brown leather sandals and other earth-toned accessories, and you’re ready for a stroll on the beach or a concert in the park.

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Maxi Multi-Way!

Summer is all about skin: leg bearing, shoulder flaunting, sun-kissed skin. What if you’re sun burned and left to doubt the integrity of your sunscreen? What if you were too busy to shave your legs? What if you want a change from your typical shorts and sleeveless top outfit? A maxi dress can save the day.

The best part? It makes for an incredibly comfortable outfit that shorts or skinny jeans just can’t give you. A simple maxi dress is pretty versatile and can be as casual or dressed up as you want it to be. Eh, they’re not right for my body type — this is a lie. One big fat lie. So don’t believe it! A single item like a belt or a jacket can make these “intimidating” dresses conform to your body type. Whether you prefer a comfortable loose fit or something curve-hugging, something sleeveless or not, or something detailed or simple, changing up the look is super easy.

Don’t believe us? Check out the two outfits below that we made using Polyvore.


See? A change in accessories, handbags, or shoes turned a simple maxi dress into two very distinct looks. It can easily be dressed up or dressed down. Stylists and fashionistas will always vouch for having a set of great basics: plain tanks, classic solid v-necks, camis—you know, things that can be layered. A maxi dress (or skirt!) can be one of those wonderful things.

Try out mixing and matching 2 or 3 pieces around a maxi dress or skirt. You’ll be surprised how many different outfits you can make!



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The Feel of Cotton

Cotton is breathable, comfortable, and easy to care for

Cotton’s a great fabric choice any time of year, but as the warmer months approach, cotton’s breathability becomes even more of an asset. If you’ve ever been caught out in the summer sun in a sweltering synthetic dress, you know the value of a fabric that moves, breathes, and wicks away moisture. Breezy cotton garments can keep you cool in the summer heat and may even offer protection from the sun’s rays. As the summer days turn to fall, those same magical cooling pieces can help trap body heat and keep you warm. What other fabric can do that? Cotton’s ability to take a beating and keep looking great also means that the money you invest in cotton garments will be well spent. Whether you choose crisp button-downs and skirts or soft tees and tanks, your cotton garments will look great with a minimum of ironing.

Cotton’s a perennial favorite for wardrobe staples like blouses, button-down shirt, tees, and skirts. This season, look for brightly colored cotton dresses, tunics, and other fun fashion finds.


Soft cotton dresses are the way to look great while beating the heat

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Father’s Day Tips and Tricks

Buying gifts for Father’s Day can be a little tough sometimes, but dad deserves it! He’s the man who’s always on his feet playing superhero, or cheering for his favorite sports team, or scaring boys away from their little girls. Need a little help for some gift ideas? Here are a few things that can help make your gifts-for-dad quest a whole lot easier!

Skip the Tie

Ties can be sharp and stylish or hilarious and cheesy. Either way, gone are the days where giving your dad a tie for Father’s Day was good idea. Think about, will he ever use it? And how often? If your dad isn’t much a tie-wearer, skip to something else.



Watches are the ultimate accessory for men because it’s completely functional and just happens to look stylish.  Whether it’s an vintage-inspired pocket watch, a sporty watch, or a chronograph watch, there’s one out there to match his style. Want to make it more personal? Get it engraved with a special message.




Gizmos & Gadgets

This is a huge and vague topic, but there’s a very important thing to remember. If you’re buying a piece of technology for your dad, remember that deals are not always steals.  You want the product to be good quality and not fail on the first couple of tries. If anything, try to get as specific as possible. If you can trick him in telling you the make and model, you’re in the clear!



After a day of wearing boots or dress shoes or whatever he works in, there’s nothing like coming home and kicking off shoes to relax. Why not get him some comfortable slippers? That way, his feet can relax the whole time and be shielded the sun or the air conditioner.




If All Else Fails, Feed Him

Seriously, who says ‘no’ to food? Take him somewhere he’s been wanting to try, or take him to an awesome all you can eat buffet, or make his favorite foods for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. In other words, a full tummy is happy tummy!


Have any ideas, tips, or comical stories for Father’s Day? We’d love to hear them from you!


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Weekend Recap: Running in Color and Fading out Cancer

This past weekend. Color was everywhere!

What is Run With Color?

Run WitCorreConColorh Color was a symbol of celebration and hope. It celebrated the lives of those who have passed, those who continue to struggle, and the families that have stayed by their sides. It’s a symbol of hope that someday there will be a cure and that every child will be able to live a cancer-free life.

The whole thing was 5 kilometers from start to finish. Some of us at Designer Studio walked, run, danced, or whatever they felt like doing for 5 kilometers! They started out with a plain white shirt, but were absolutely covered in colorful and unique patterns by the end! Colors were tossed at friends, people ran through colored clouds, or colors were thrown anywhere just to turn everything dull into something vibrant and beautiful. Don’t worry, the colored powder was non-toxic and was made of a blend of cornstarch and food coloring.

What is The Castro-Limón Foundation?

juego en ludotecaAbrazoDSCF2069

The Foundation is based out of Tijuana, Mexico and is named after two young entrepreneurs, Juan Carlos Castro Munguia and Irenaeus LimónVargas, who were both diagnosed with cancer in 2002. They became determined to provide services for those who were also dealing with cancer. The result of their efforts is that children battling cancer receive care at BC Pediatric Cancer Center (Centro Oncológico Pediátrico de B.C.). The foundation continuously raises funds both within and outside of Mexico to keep the institution moving and to provide necessary treatment for their patients.

Designer Studio has been involved with The Castro-Limón Foundation for over a year now. We continuously help the raise money, we donate, and we raise awareness. When you shop with us help us help The Castro-Limón Foundation. A little goes a long way!

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Designer Studio Membership Program!


We’ve finally done it–we’ve created the Designer Studio Membership Card! For all our lovely shoppers, we’ve decided to show our thanks by rewarding you for shopping with us. Once you become a member, you’ll have VIP access to special offers, events, and updates! All you have to do is present your card at any in-store checkout and every time you hit the $500 mark, we’ll give you $25 to spend on your next purchase. Unlike some other programs, there’s no limit on what you can earn within a single calendar year! So become a member soon and and start racking up those points.

To become a member, stop by or download an online application and turn it in at one of our Designer Studio store locations. Membership is effective immediately and you’ll receive an snazzy rewards card and a keychain card. For now, the program only works for in-store purchases and can’t be used online or for gift cards.

Want more info? Click the links for the Designer Studio RewarDS Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.

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Flip-Flop Fashion

Flip-flops aren’t just for the beach this summer

If hearing “flip-flops” makes you think of those crayon-colored foam thongs your mom made you wear to the pool and the beach, this season’s hottest footwear trend will make you think again. This year the flip-flop comes into its own with styles that are appropriate for any occasion. These fun, versitile pieces of footwear are still your feet’s best companions at the beach. But they’re equally at home at more formal occasions when worn with one of the season’s maxi skirts or swingy sundresses. Dress up a pair of jeans and a tank with a great pair of Lacoste flip-flops in navy or add a classic touch to a peasant dress with simple leather flip-flops from Report.

This trend isn’t just for women, either. Men can choose from an array of fashionable flip-flops, from the classic bright-colored, rubber-soled “thong” by Lacoste to classy, understated leather models. Kids can get in on this style, too, with pint-sized flip-flops that look just like Mom and Dad’s.

The key to rocking the flip-flop trend lies in choosing the right flip for the right occasion. Choose flip-flops with leather, beaded, or metallic straps to pair with dresses or skirts for evening events, weddings, or more formal gatherings. Never pair your ratty neon pink plastic beach sandals with a cocktail dress for a work function or church gathering! Put as much thought into your choice of flip-flop as you do into the rest of your outfit. And don’t forget – flip-flops mean that your toes and feet are exposed to public view (no matter how long that boho skirt is). Take extra time to give your feet some tender loving care this season by sloughing off calluses, keeping nails neatly trimmed and painted, and otherwise keeping your tootsies looking their best.


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Style Your TOMS



If you guys missed it last year then definitely come out to this year’s event! Right after you purchase your new TOMS™ kicks or shades, walk a few steps from out register to one of the local artists and get your free design! The artist will collaborate with you in order to make your masterpiece.

Maybe you want something personalized for that special someone. Maybe a friend’s birthday is coming up. Maybe this could be an alternative to that tattoo you’re too afraid of getting. Whatever it may be, it’ll truly be made for you and hand painted by one of our fabulous artists.

Evey TOMS™ product that you buy will honor the One for One program that TOMS™ is all about. In other words, you’ll buy something and get it customized just for you, but also help someone who is need.

Check out these gems from the TOMS™ events from last year! We really hope to see you at our event this year!








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